Weekend Roundup, 3/19

Posted on March 19th, 2020 02:25 PM EST

Hey, squaddies!

We hope you’re doing well out there! We’re springing[www.google.com] on toward another weekend and your fellow squaddies are putting on a show. Lessee what everyone’s up to in the Weekend Roundup!

March 19
5:30 pM PT (0030 UTC. 20/3)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

March 20
9:00 AM PT (1600 UTC)

Liberating the Brothers[discord.gg]

March 21
All Day

Squad Community Cup Registration Closes[discord.gg]

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation MARS Prussian Pummel M2[squadops.gg]

2:30 PM PT (2130 UTC)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC. 22/3)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

7:30 PM PT (0030 UTC. 23/3)

Troopers Night @ Wildbill’s[discord.gg]


Enjoy your weekend, soldiers! We’ll see you next week.

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Offworld out.
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