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New Squad Website!

December 19th, 2018 04:35 PM EST

Hey soldiers!We're proud to announce we've joined the era of modern web design! Please welcome the brand new! It's been redesigned [...]

The Wrench - December 2018

December 17th, 2018 04:21 PM EST

Hey soldiers!Just a quick note to let you know the last Wrench of 2018 has dropped on the official blog[]!We've got updates from of your [...]

Alpha 12.2

December 14th, 2018 08:19 AM EST

Hey soldiers,Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend!Patch Notes Fixed damage and effects bugs on [...]

Alpha 12.1 Patch Notes

December 8th, 2018 07:05 PM EST

Hey soldiers,We've been working on getting the most heinous issues beaten in Alpha 12 and we're happy to present the patch notes for the 12.1 patch! [...]

November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

December 4th, 2018 01:59 PM EST

(For the media-rich version of this post, please visit our website[].)Hey soldiers!We know this doesn't look like your usual Recap, but [...]

Alpha 12.1 Hotfix Public Playtest

December 4th, 2018 01:35 PM EST

Hey folks,QA has some good news for you!There will be a PUBLIC PLAYTEST for the A12.1 patch tomorrow (Wednesday, December 5) around 19UTC / 20CET.The [...]

Hotfix for Alpha 12

November 11th, 2018 03:26 AM EST

We just pushed live a hotfix for Alpha 12. The biggest changes are:- Added a feature that allows for automatic deleting / resetting of all player's [...]

Alpha 12 Release + Free Weekend

November 9th, 2018 09:32 AM EST

Hi Squaddies!The shelling hasn't stopped since we opened the Squad - Public Testing app, but thanks to you fine folks, we're going live! It's been a [...]

Alpha 12 and Squad - Public Testing

November 6th, 2018 02:03 PM EST

Hey Squaddies!As some of you may have noticed, we've implemented an alternative testing installation in Steam for Squad, known as Squad - Public [...]

October 2018 Recap

November 2nd, 2018 04:12 PM EST

(The media-enabled version of this post is available at soldiers!Now that the Halloween sugar [...]