508th| Tacticool Teamwork (ENG)

508th| Tacticool Teamwork (ENG)
Hostname 508th| Tacticool Teamwork (ENG)
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 2 / 80
Location Germany
Version a-
Platform Windows
Map Mestia AAS v2
Website http://www.508thpir.com/
Registered by Hawkeye
Registered since April 11th, 2018 04:16 PM EST
Last update June 15th, 2019 01:27 PM EST

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Score 4
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Mestia AAS v2


Server Administered by 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment

If you need admin help please tag @Server Admin [MPs] in the #server-help channel on our Discord with the with [Player Name] and [What offense is committed] on which [Team and Squad], if possible use evidence so admin will respond faster.

Server Rules

If in doubt, don't do it

-No camping main, use your own initiative depending on map.

-Passive clan recruiting is allowed. This means if someone asks to join you, then that is fine; spamming chat/comms is not.

-Names must be pronounceable and be comprised from the Latin Alphabet.

-No intentional team killing except for glitches upon request. Apologize to the person you killed please.

-No cheating, hacking, bug exploitation or ghosting.

-This server supports free speech. Banter is allowed, but unwanted harassment is not. Please respect other players and take your issues with each other elsewhere.

-Squad Leaders MUST have a mic and communicate in English, unless stated in squad description.

-No half-full squads unless specified in squad description (EG Mortars, BTR). Half-full squads will be asked to merge with other half-full squads.

-No being an arsehole. Do not conduct yourself in a way that will harm others' gameplay.

-Squad leaders must make a reasonable effort to play the objectives. Any squad leader playing in poor spirit will be removed.

-No idling on the server. AFK players outside of seeding time will be asked to pick a squad or be kicked.

-Squad Leaders must have the SL kit.

-Vehicles requiring the Crewman kit must be manned by 2 Crewmen minimum.

-During seeding, please fight over the middle two flags and do not approach FOB's/HAB's, use any combat vehicles, or emplacements. Seeding is in place when server is below 40 players or admin says otherwise.


2 Online Players

-Gus, 508|CPT-Hawkeye