Squad-Servers.com Blog Feed en https://squad-servers.com/ Tue, 03 Apr 2018 17:16 CEST Squad-Servers.com is a Squad servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Squad Alpha 10.2 https://squad-servers.com/blog/7/squad-alpha-102/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/7/squad-alpha-102/ Tue, 03 Apr 2018 17:16 CEST
  • Changed the process of a kit becoming unavailable due to squad size falling below the player limit. Now your claim on the kit you had previously remains until you select a different one. Prevents other players from stealing kits by leaving and re-entering squads.
  • Fixed FOB respawn timer not increasing with enemies nearby
  • Fixed player rotation getting permantly offset when standing on a vehicle that's rotating
  • Fixed bad zeroing on M4 with reddot sight
  • Fixed an exploit on logistics vehicles allowing the total load capactiy to be exceeded
  • Reduced stamina cost of jumping/climbing/vaulting
  • Adjusted calculation for nametag fadeout to make it work better when aiming below the nametag
  • Changed vehicle seat info text scale back to previous size
  • Fixed main base repair stations not working on Sumari AASv1 &AASv2
  • Revived a fix to the prone player capsule that got lost in merges
  • Disabled replication of unequipped weapons
  • Enabled Anim update rate optimizations on equipables
  • Simplified bounds calculation on equipables
  • Set Anim update rate optimizations to more aggressive values on the Soldiers
Squad Alpha 9 https://squad-servers.com/blog/6/squad-alpha-9/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/6/squad-alpha-9/ Sun, 19 Mar 2017 14:06 CET

  • Added Minsk 400 Motorcycle, BRDM-2 Scout Car and MT-LB PKT APC to the Insurgent vehicle pool
  • Added BTR-80 APC, BRDM-2 Scout Car, MT-LB NSVT APC and MT-LB 30mm Cannon IFV to the Militia vehicle pool
  • Added BTR-82A IFV, MT-LB NSVT APC, MT-LB 30mm Cannon IFV and Ural 4320 truck to the Russian vehicle pool.
  • Added Stryker ICV to the US Army vehicle pool
  • FOB Radio Hub no longer creates a spawn point
  • Added a new FOB Deployable, the 'HAB', which is basically a spawn point. US Army and Russian HABs cost 500 Construction Points, Insurgents cost 350 and Militia costs 400. HABs are limited to 1 per FOB.
  • Added a Heavy Anti Tank for Insurgents and Militia. This kit features the PG7-VR Tandem HEAT warhead launched from the RPG-7. Youll find that this is the most effective anti vehicle weapon on the battlefield. It is similarly very front heavy, so be sure to take your time to line up your one shot. The kit is team limited as well as squad limited, similar to how the Marksman role operates. Unlocks 1 slot per team at every 20 players. Squad size must be 9 to claim. Kit comes with 1 Tandem HEAT round and one regular HEAT round as well as an AKS74U as a primary weapon.
  • Temporarily disabled the open/close driver hatch functionality on the BTR-80. The feature will return soon! New experimental version of closed hatch available on the MTLB series of vehicles.
  • Added a new feature where you can double tap the Walk key to stay locked in walking mode and you can toggle the shift manually to sprint. A simple tap of any Walk key will then disable it.
  • Reduced the stamina regeneration rate by 33%.
  • Due to the success of the test of the HMG environment penetration, we are now rolling it out for all 5.56/5.45 and 7.62 rifle caliber weapons. This practically means any primary weapon in the game, with the exception of the PPSH-41. The penetration varies depending on the caliber of the round (bigger being better) and what you are shooting at. Both damage and effective range upon exit is modified by the material. Time to consider if you are in cover or concealment from your attacker, as well as if you want to have a weapon with better environment penetration or not. G3s and 7.62 AKs are options in this case. 30mm AP projectiles are similarly able to penetrate the environment, and are particularly good at it. Beware, this is the first damage type able to penetrate the afghan tightly packed mud walls material.
  • Deployable SPG-9s are now limited to 2 per FOB.
  • Repair stations are now limited to 2 per FOB.
  • All 5 ton transport trucks now hold up to 18 players instead of 13
  • Smoothed out the overheating penalty on emplaced and vehicle mounted HMGs. The punishment period is shorter but you will overheat quickly again. More viable for sustained fire and less crippling.
  • Squad Leaders are now able to set 'possible' friendly FOB locations thru the SLs map Hex Menu as a green FOB icon for the entire friendly team to see. This should help facilitate SL to SL communication when relating to FOB placement.
  • SL Hex enemy spotted icons are now red to bring it more consistent with items that expand or items that are placeable.
  • Due to the success of Op. First Light Conquest and at the request of the community, Conquest has now been added to Gorodok and Yehorivka.
  • All layers have been updated with all new vehicle loadouts. Depending on gamemode, faction, and size will determine how many and what type of asset is used.
  • Increased head turning angle limits as passengers in vehicles
  • Added a ton of interior decoration to the HMMWVs and in the back of the Technicals


  • Vehicle Handling has been dramatically improved. Force is now applied at the contact point between the wheel and the ground, rather than the center of the vehicle.
  • Added N-Wheeled and Tracked Vehicle physics. N-Wheeled vehicles allow us to simulate any number of wheels, and Tracked vehicles allow us to simulate vehicles with tracks. The BTR has been moved over to N-Wheeled physics.
  • Added the ability to climb obstacles by engaging Off Road mode (Default Key: Left Shift), which is useful in situations where you need maximum torque.
  • The Last player to damage a Vehicle is now cached for 30 seconds. Any unknown or burn damage that is dealt to this vehicle will be attributed to the last damager until the timer expires. Any new damage will become the owner and reset the timer.
  • Flipped Vehicles now attribute their damage to the driver. If there is no driver, it's attributed to the last damager. This means that any passengers that die due to a flipped vehicle will be counted as team-kills for the driver.
  • Added an admin-only notification for when a developer or privileged QA member joins a server
  • Added a Crash Reporter. Now, if your game crashes or generates a crash dump, a crash reporter will appear, asking you to send the crash to us. Please do, as this helps us find and fix crashes.
  • Redid the way steering wheel hand animations are handled, resulting is a much better and more natural way to steer
  • Added some physics to the vehicle as it transitions into its wrecked state after being destroyed
  • Reduced height impact normal to try and reduce the amount of situations where players were being killed behind low cover.
  • Content is now packaged into PAK files. This should reduce loading time and increase the security of the game.
  • Tweaked player movement when going up and down stairs to be a little more deliberate
  • Updated the Easy Anticheat SDK.


  • Replaced the Scoreboard with a new design and added many new points of data to track your performance during the round.
  • Added new Kit Role icons, replacing the old set
  • Ammunition UI has been updated to conform to newer design standards
  • Tightening some style elements regarding font sizes
  • Restyled and reworked the backend on how Text Chat is rendered on the screen
  • Added a new more realistic reticle for the BTR-80 KPVT Turret
  • Added new icons distinguishing APCs vs IFVs (IFVs have a 30mm Cannon or greater)
  • Added new icons distinguishing Tracked and Wheeled armoured vehicles
  • Added new loading Splash image
  • Updated loading QuickStart guide
  • Tweaked radial menu button sensitivity to feel a better in terms of hovering over with your mouse (outer widgets were being selected too early when moving the mouse from the middle to the outer widgets)
  • Removed old Ticket Counter and Round timer as they are now integrated into the new Scoreboard
  • Optimised code for the Stamina and Jump bar, also adjusted the visual styling
  • Updated Credits


  • New vehicle engine sounds for all new vehicles and also modified the existing vehicles
  • Improved some bullethit impact sounds and flyby bullet crack sounds
  • Modified distance sounds for some explosions
  • Modified M4, AKs, SKS, KPVT fire sounds.
  • Added burning vehicle sounds
  • Added UI sounds
  • Added music tracks 'Downtime' and 'Faith' to the Main Menu music playlist
  • Gorodok has been expanded greatly, with the addition of more towns, industrial complexes and points of interest.
  • Yehorivka has had additional towns, map detailing and points of interest added.
  • Adjusted map terrain lod levels to minimize distance warping especially on Kohat. Should reduce occurrence of floating players and vehicles.
  • Added an array of additional compounds and ruined areas to Chora as well as fixing general bugs and issues. Optimization pass to reduce draw call overhead.
  • Kohat and OPFL have been completely merged down to hardened maps (some minor final steps) should see increased GPU performance especially on low end machines. Allowed us to push foliage and grass draw distance out to more acceptable levels.
  • Added Minsk Motorcycles on the Jensen's Range Racetrack, along with additional spawn points
  • Improved behaviour of map borders on Sumari, Logar, Kohat and Chora.
  • Adjusted scale of the Bridge on Kohat and improved its collision mesh to prevent players from falling through
  • Removed all static Minsk 400 bikes from maps
  • Updated Kokan lighting on PAAS V1
  • Added a number of additional compounds to Kokan
  • Fixed a lot of doubled up static geometry occurring on some maps
  • Fixed ammo crates on Sumari ITC from being in the ground.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations

  • Fixed super dark shading on the Militia faction soldier models
  • Fixed odd player camera rotations while as a passenger in a vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where the logistics driver wasn't getting points for dropping supplies off
  • Merged a lot of deployable statics together, improving performance
  • Heavily optimised the Weapon Cache mesh
  • Fixed engine sounds playing the incorrect sounds on low settings
  • Increased shovel detection zone size on repair stations.
  • Fixed attachment of burning and destruction effects on vehicles
  • Tweaked rocket trails and backblast effects
  • Optimized footstep dirt effect
  • Fixed a couple of issues involving shooting your own vehicle unintentionally with the turret gun on some vehicles
  • Adjusted and optimised a number of vehicle wrecks
  • Fixed chain-link fences, razor wire and regular wire fences to be penetrable
  • Fixed collisions on a number of stone-wall statics
  • Changed minimum required mipmap LOD bias to prevent .ini changes from making the minimap unusable
  • Fixed collisions issue with destroyed vehicles bouncing around like crazy and colliding with players
  • Fixed giving radial menu access depending on your deploy role instead of your current role
  • Prevented unnecessary overlap events from firing on all vehicles to improve performance on vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where dying due to bleed damage shortly after revive would incorrectly send you to wounded rather than dead.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Use Inventory Switch Timer' config setting didn't persist across game restarts
  • Started hardening passes on many of the older maps, dramatically decreasing draw calls. Will continue into A10 on newer maps as they become complete.
  • Audited physmats to ensure penetration was enabled on all appropriate material types.


  • Exposed the following functions to Blueprint.
    • SQVehicle
    • bool IsValidSeat(int32 Seat) const
    • bool IsSeatHeldByClaimingSquad(int32 Seat) const
    • void EjectAllPlayers()
    • TArray<USQVehicleSeatComponent*> GetSeats() const
    • USQVehicleSeatComponent* GetDriverSeat() const;
    • void GetExitPoints(TArray<FTransform>& OutTransforms);
    • AController* LastDamageInstigator
    • void EjectPlayerFromSeat(int32 Seat)
    • void RequestChangeSeat(class ASQPlayerController* Player, int32 RequestedSeat)
    • SQGroundVehicle
    • void SetEngineActiveInput(bool bNewEngineActive)
    • void SetEngineBoostPressed(bool bInHasEngineBoostBeenPressed)
    • bool CanToggleEngine()
  • Fixed an issue where the OnSeat Events weren't being called in SQVehicle (Thanks SgtStryker)
  • Added a 4-param event in SQSoldier, OnSeatChange(Soldier, Vehicle, FromSeat, ToSeat) for when seat switching happens on the client. The client only receives this event when a seat change event happens, not why. A player has entered a vehicle when FromSeat is null and ToSeat is valid, a player has exited the vehicle when FromSeat is valid and ToSeat is null. A player has switched seats when both FromSeat and ToSeat are both valid. FromSeat and ToSeat both being null is an invalid operation, and will never happen.
  • Exposed "Wound" and "Die" to Blueprint. Note: These functions may fail in certain situations and the player may not be wounded or die. Check the return value to be sure if the call succeeded!
Squad Alpha 7 https://squad-servers.com/blog/5/squad-alpha-7/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/5/squad-alpha-7/ Wed, 10 Aug 2016 14:39 CEST



Vehicles have been added to the game. Please familiarize yourself with what you will encounter on the battlefield. 


Starting map tickets have been increased across the board by about 150-200 tickets. This gives more room for a comeback and to accommodate vehicle losses. 

Vehicles have a respawn timer from 3-6 minutes from the time that the vehicle is lost. Vehicles with weapons on them have a respawn timer of 6 minutes. Note that some vehicles on some maps have no respawns and are a one time use only. 

Losing a vehicle will result in a potentially heavy ticket loss (4-30 tickets!!). Protect and repair your vehicles! 

If a vehicle flips over, it will catch on fire to get it off the map. This will take a while, and your team will be without an asset for a while. Pay attention to where you drive. 

New System: Vehicle Claiming


Overview: The squad vehicle claiming system in its first iteration will function primarily as a way to strengthen the role of the Squad Leader and eliminate the ability of players to go rambo and take a vehicle without any responsibility for its usage. The system is entirely passive but also considered an advanced system. 

Only SL will interact and be notified as to the claim states.Only a Squad leader may claim a vehicle. The SL claims the vehicle by attempting to enter the vehicle or by approving a vehicle claim on his minimap made by members of his Squad. 

He will get one of several messages depending on the vehicles current claim condition. 

  • "Only Squad Leaders may enter unclaimed vehicles." - You are not an SL.. Nice try!
  • "You must have the Squad Leader role to claim a vehicle." - Go get an SL kit
  • "Must have at least 3 members in your Squad to claim vehicles." 3 members - 1 vehicle can be claimed 6 members - 2 vehicles can be claimed 8 members - 3 vehicles can be claimed
  • "Must have at least 2 squad members nearby to claim a vehicle." Much like our FOB and Rally Point systems you need to have your Squad with you to claim a vehicle. (2 additional members) Vehicles can also be approved for claim by approval on the minimap by a Squad Leader
  • "Unable to enter due to another Squad's claim on this vehicle." This vehicle is already claimed. Please try a different vehicle or radio for a ride.
  • "Vehicle Claimed." - Great Job! Your Squad can now enter the vehicle and have a happy battle!

In addition, a squad leader can claim a vehicle by approving a claim made by his Squad members. 

If 3 squad members are near an unclaimed vehicle and the Squad has claimed slots available they can request a claim by attempting the enter the vehicle.They will be notified to Radio their Squad Leader for approval. Squad leaders can open their minimaps and approve the claim. (provided they have a claim slot available) 

Active VS Passive claims and how it affects your Squad. 

The system maintains a chain of possession of claimed vehicles through Active Claims (You have a squad member actually in the vehicle) and Passive Claims (Your squad claimed and used the vehicle but currently have no members of your squad occupying a vehicle seat)Active Claims always give you complete control over the vehicle seats and the driver position. Players not in your squad cannot enter the driver seat of your actively claimed vehicle (but they can enter the other seats). In order to maintain an active claim you must have a squad member somewhere in the vehicle.Any Squad member may also bump a friendly from an occupied seat by switching to that seat. (via the F keys) 

Passive Claims are maintained even when the vehicle is not manned. Your Squad members can enter and exit the vehicle freely and the driver seat will still remain locked to the owning Squad. However.. A passive vehicle can be claimed by another Squad Leader provided he has the ability to do so. (This can be done in person via attempting to enter the vehicle or remotely via a group of 3 squad members) 

We all know there are good reasons and bad reasons for losing and/or choosing to lose a vehicle. We want to reward the good reasons and punish the bad ones. Here are some messages relating to dropping off your vehicle you will encounter.Additional Mechanics: There may be a good reason to want to unclaim a vehicle and we are providing a number of methods to do that. 

  • Drop off the vehicle at a FOB.
  • Drop off the vehicle at a Main Base.
  • Coordinate another Squad Leader to take over your claim.

As with any experimental system.. A lot will be changing as we get testing feedback and we will continue to refine and improve it. 


Spawning, Supplies and Logistics


  • Rally Point cooldown timer is now 2.5 minutes. 2 minutes if placed too close to enemies. Rally Point needs a fellow squad member within 8m to place (was 5m).
  • Forward Operating Bases no longer have an active spawn point when initially deployed.
  • Forward Operating Bases gain an active spawn point after having been placed for 5 minutes. (Unless visited by a friendly supply truck
  • Losing a Forward Operating Bases Radio now results in a 20 ticket penalty (was 10).
  • Passive supply rate has been lowered to 1 per second.
  • A FOB can now hold a total of 2000 Supplies and 1000 Ammo.
  • Forward Operating Bases get an active spawn point if a friendly (loaded) logistics vehicle comes close to the radio. Bypassing the 5 minutes of waiting time.
  • Bringing a loaded logistics truck to a Forward Operating Base and unloading supplies near the FOB radio will deposit 1000 supply points and 1000 ammo points to the base. Logistics technical will supply a base with 500 of each rather than 1000. 
  • You will need to press the "Unload Supplies" button (Default "Q") to unload supplies. Once a logistics vehicle has unloaded its supplies at a FOB the space in the graphical representation of the supplies goes away. You will need to restock the vehicle again to perform another resupply action. Drive to your main base supply depot to pick up new supplies.


Kit Changes

  • Binoculars removed from all medic kits.
  • Change to the rate that Fire Support kits unlock at. They now unlock one slot for each 3 squad members you have. Was 2 slots at 4 and an additional at 8. Riflemen classes should be a bit more frequently seen now.
  • US medic kit now has an M4 with a red dot sight.
  • US LAT kit now has an M4 with a red dot sight.
  • US ironsights rifleman now has a foregrip on his M4A1.
  • Marksman kits with SVD now has 6 magazines instead of 4.
  • Russian kits that previously had the AKS-74M now has the AK-74M.
  • Insurgent RPG Gunner kit now has the AKMS instead of the AKS-74U.
  • Russia and Militia gets access to an additional scoped rifleman at 8 squad members.
  • Adjusted the limits of the AK74 Fighter kit for insurgents. Now limited to 2 rather than 3.
  • Reduced the number of colored smoke grenades carried by the Squad Leader kits. Now has 1 of each color rather than 2. Still carries 2 white smoke grenades.
  • Added HEAT rounds to all RPG-7 kits and adjusted the number of Fragmentation rounds as well. Militia and Insurgents carry 2 Fragmentation rounds and 2 HEAT rounds. Russia carries 1 Fragmentation and 2 HEAT rounds.
  • Added Designated Marksman kit for the US Army. The kit has the M110 DMR and an M9 with an additional pistol magazine like the other DMR kits. Kit unlocks at: 5 squad members and 10 team members, limited to 1 per squad.
  • Added Scout kit for Insurgents and Militia. The kit contains SKS as the primary weapon and also has a set of binoculars. This kit is perfect for scouting and directing fire. Kit will get more toys in the future ;) Kit unlocks at: 3 squad members and is limited to 1 per squad.
  • Added a limited alternative Fighter kit for Insurgents. The kit contains a AKS74 with 1p78 optic. Kit unlocks at: 8 squad members and is limited to 1 per squad.
  • Added limited alternative Fighter kit for Insurgents. The kit contains a G3A3 as the primary weapon. This rifle has better range and more stopping power than your standard AK rifles. Kit unlocks at: 4 squad members, and another one at 8.
  • Added alternative Squad Leader kit for Insurgents. The kit contains a G3A4 as the primary weapon. This rifle has better range and more stopping power than your standard AK rifles. Kit unlocks at: 6 squad members.
  • Added Raider class for Insurgents. The kit contains the PPSH-41 as the primary weapon and RKG-3 anti tank grenades. This kit is perfect for causing mayhem up close. Kit unlocks at: 6 squad members and is limited to 1 per squad.

Weapon Handling

  • Weapons now move more dynamically when you perform rapid twists and turns. This makes sight alignment take ever so slightly longer.
  • Weapons with a foregrip have less vertical recoil than weapons without (M4 variants, PM md. 63 and AMD-65). Additionally it also has a faster sway pattern to simulate the pressure applied.Lastly they have an ever so slightly quicker ADS time than a weapon without.
  • Weapons with underslung grenade launchers similarly have less vertical recoil due to the added weight out front. Furthermore these front heavy weapons have slightly more sway.
  • Minor tweaks to M4 recoil to compensate for the very high rate of fire.
  • RPG-7 and M72 has lowered deviation to make hit percentages similar to real world expectations.
  • HMGs such as the M2 and Dshk are now able to sustain fire for a longer time without overheating, but cools off at a slower rate.


  • Added vehicle repair depot deployable. Costs 400 supply points and slowly and passively repairs vehicles in a radius around it.
  • Hesco/sandbag bunkers are now reduced to 300 supply points.
  • Hesco walls are now reduced to 200 supply points.
  • Single hescos are now 50 points.
  • Sandbag walls now cost 50 supply points rather than 100.
  • Added C sandbags to Insurgents and Militia. 50 points.
  • Added a new Pillbox-style Sandbag Wall that has firing ports.
  • Sandbag Walls are now stackable again.
  • Razor wire now cost 25 supply points.
  • M2A1 on tripod is now 350 supply points.
  • Dshk heavy machine gun on tripod is 350 supply points.
  • Concrete barriers are now 50 supply points.



Not all weapons will be able to damage all vehicle types. 

Most vehicles in the game will be able to take about 2 hits from an RPG-7 HEAT round, M72 LAW or RKG-3 grenade. The exceptions are the technicals who can take about 1 and a few bursts of rifle fire to top it off. The other exception is the BTR that will be able to take roughly 3 rocket hits. 

The BTRs main 14.5mm cannon will be able to easily chew through all vehicles before it. The gun has Magnification that can be switched with the 1 and 2 Number keys. 

Heavy machine guns such as the M2 and the Dshk will be able to damage all current vehicles fairly easily. Some vehicles are more resistant than others, expect anywhere from a 1/3rd to almost a full belt of .50 cal ammo to be needed, depending on the vehicle you are firing at. 

Rifles and infantry weapons are split into three categories. 

7.62 Caliber weapons will be able to damage bring down soft skinned vehicles such as the technicals and trucks. Expect to spend up to several hundred rounds to reduce a healthy vehicle to a useless hunk of metal. Weapons in this category include everything from 7.62x39, such as the AKM, up to the 7.62x54R of the SVD. 

5.56/5.45 Caliber weapons will be able to do light, and significantly less damage to technicals and trucks. You will need the determination of your entire squad to take down a fresh vehicle with just your hand weapons. Examples of these calibers are the M4 and the AK74 series of rifles. 

Pistol calibers have no effect on a vehicle's health whatsoever. Conserve this ammo for self defense. 

Fragmentation grenades. Hand grenades, the RPG-7s fragmentation grenade and the GP-25s fragmentation grenades do little to no damage on vehicles. They are only able to slightly damage unarmored technicals and trucks. Use the proper explosives for the job! 

There is one exception to the fragmentation grenades. The US 40mm grenade launcher utilizes the HEDP rounds which are somewhat effective vs soft skinned vehicles. They will be able to damage all vehicles in the game, but at a significantly reduced rate as the armor of the vehicle increases. 

There are currently no indicators of your vehicle's current health in the field. So keep track of what you have been fighting and return to base or a FOB to get fixed up and rearmed at a repair depot.Keeping your vehicle operational will give you a great advantage. 

Damage Effects


Unlike most games, vehicle damage effects are not tied to a specific % of health. In Squad, effects such as a vehicle being on fire, doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle is about to die. 

Several weapons have a chance to light vehicles on fire. As a vehicle is closer to getting on fire, the vehicle will start smoking in an increasingly more dramatic way. Once a vehicle is on fire (visible flames) the vehicle as well as all of the occupants will take a light amount of damage every second until the flames die out by themselves or the vehicle is destroyed. 

The TL:DR version of the weapons that adds chance for a vehicle to catch on fire is as follows (in descending order): 

  • (Most Powerful) RPG-7 HEAT rounds / M72 LAW / RKG-3
  • 14.5mm Armor Piercing Incendiary rounds from the KPVT on the BTR-80
  • US 40mm HEDP rounds from the M203
  • M2 and Dshk HMGs


First step on a long road ahead for projectile penetration! Depending on what weapon you are using and what vehicle you are shooting at, there is a possibility that your rounds can penetrate the hide of the vehicle and damage the passengers inside, at a greatly reduced level. 

The higher the caliber of your weapon, the more damage you will do to the occupants of the vehicle. If you can penetrate it in the first place. 

Vehicles such as the HMMWV and the BTR-80 are immune to all infantry firearms and can only be penetrated by .50 cal or larger. The remaining vehicles can be penetrated by infantry rifle calibers. 


  • Players now move slower when moving along inclines and up stairs. The speed reduction is governed by the type of material you are traversing.
  • Acceleration into a full sprint has been decreased by half.
  • Addition of a Walking Animation while ADSing.
  • Addition of a prone movement animation while moving around in Prone.


  • Order and Enemy markers will appear in 3D space for a brief amount of time when initially placed to the Squad of the Squad Leader who placed it.
  • Order markers (Construct, Move, Defend, Scout, Attack, etc) can now only be seen by the squad.
  • Enemy Spotted markers (vehicles, infantry, etc) can be seen by the team.
  • Each squad is allowed 1 action marker and 3 spot markers at a time. As you place new markers the older ones will be removed.
  • Crowdfunding backers have now been added to the credits list.
  • When creating a squad, the SL will be given a squad leader kit. They will then be taken to the Roles screen so they can exchange it for another version of the SL kit.
  • When joining a squad, the player will be taken to the Roles screen so they may choose their kit.
  • Updated the map flags to be higher quality and new designs for the Militia and Insurgents.
  • Kits are now grouped in appropriate sub groups at the ammo crate.
  • Redesigned the FOB Status Widget and fixed a few cases where it wouldnt show up when it should.
  • The ammo counter widget now displays a rough estimate of the rounds you have in your magazines, including the one in the gun.


  • Added PPSH-41 submachine gun.
  • Added G3A3 battle rifle.
  • Added G3A4 battle rifle.
  • Added SKS semi-automatic carbine.
  • Added RKG-3 anti-tank grenade.
  • Added M110 SASS designated marksman rifle (rifle has placeholder optics).
  • Added PG-7V HEAT anti-tank rounds to the RPG-7 launcher.
  • Added Dshk heavy machine gun emplacement for Insurgents and Militia.
  • Added the AKMS back to the game.
  • Removed the AKS-74M.
  • Updated textures on base AK-74 models.
  • Added M1151 HMMWV
  • Added Technical
  • Added M939 transport and logistics truck
  • Added Ural 375D transport and logistics truck
  • Added BTR-80 APC


  • Added new map Yehorivka to the map rotation.
  • Added Night version of Chora
  • Added Infantry layers for most maps
  • Added Dusk version of Gorodok
  • Added more details to Sumari Bala
  • Added one of each vehicle type and variation to Jensens Range. All of them are enterable with no requirements. 30 second respawn timers on them.
  • Added a racetrack to Jensens Range


  • Added a function to the Radial Menu, IsMarkerVisible, that can be overriden and used to hide markers
  • Moved Ragdoll behavior to a component on Soldier and added a number of methods to control the ragdoll state. This should allow modders to put the soldier into a ragdoll state at any time, rather than only when incapacitated.
  • SQPawn now switches the team of MapIconWidgets, so the team state should always be correct.
  • Added new Ruleset function VehicleDestroyed.
Squad Alpha 6 https://squad-servers.com/blog/4/squad-alpha-6/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/4/squad-alpha-6/ Sun, 29 May 2016 17:44 CEST

Unreal Engine 4.11 Update

We've updated to Unreal Engine 4.11, pulling in a good number of engine features and performance updates. Take a look at the massive changelog for the engine to get an idea of the scope of all things that changed: HERE.


New Deployable: Emplaced Heavy Machine Gun

The first iteration of Vehicles are here! The Emplaced Browning M2 .50 caliber rifle is a beast of a heavy machine gun, capable of tearing apart even the most determined of infantry attackers. Placeable as a FOB deployable by Squad Leaders, the Browning M2 is your new best friend when locking down an open field on Chora, or creating a kill-zone on a Sumari road. Its effective range for target suppression is well over a kilometer and can easily stop a soldier with just one shot. But due to its limited traverse and elevation angles, operators be careful of your flanks and be sure to have backup! 

The Browning M2 consumes FOB Ammo Points (which will regenerate over time) when you reload, and you can only have 3 deployed per FOB (2 in Bunker Configuration and 1 Self-Standing). Sustained fire will overheat the weapon, denoted by how much smoke is pouring out of the front of the weapon. The emplacement itself can be damaged and destroyed with rockets, UGLs, incendiary grenades and hand grenades. Employ it wisely in defence or as a means of fire support, and it will prove invaluable in the firefights to come. 


New Map: Gorodok

We are proud to include in this release a new map that we've been teasing in previous news posts. Gorodok is an eastern european inspired map, with large expansive terrain. While Squad is still primarily infantry focused, we will launch with one AAS gameplay layer focusing on a segment of the larger map, pitting Russian and Militia forces against one another in open forest style engagements.



Map Update: Sumari

A much expanded Sumari is finally ready to be released after many months in the oven, and it's looking absolutely gorgeous. More than twice in size with hundreds of enter-able buildings, this map will continue to provide endless tactical challenges to any Squad trying to navigate its narrow corridors and many firing lanes. Below is a quick look at the various layouts. 


Map Update: Fools Road Tunnels

Fools Road has undergone a drastic change, underground that is. A completely new Militia fortress has been carved out of the mountain, with crisscrossing tunnels serving to act as a means for defenders to further entrench themselves. Designed not only as a showcase of our new capabilities to show enclosed underground areas, but to also provide an intense close quarter battle experience for Squads willing to venture into the depths of the fortress. 

Effects Update: Foliage and Water interaction

We have now added foliage and water particle and sound effects, be mindful when moving through both of these terrain obstacles as those around you can now see and/or hear you. 

General Performance Improvements

We've fixed a number of performance issues in the game on top the engine performance changes that came with UE4.11. On the server, we've done a full pass of over all of our networked objects, reducing their networking footprint and replication cost, making things overall more efficient. We've also fixed inventories so that weapons that are not equipped no longer tick and are only updated to client once every second. We've fixed an issue where spawning a soldier hitched the server, and removed a large number of networked properties that were not needed. On the client, we've been making passes on every map, merging many small meshes into one big detailed meshes to reduce shadow casting overhead. 

We've also implemented Distance Field Shadows (More Info here[docs.unrealengine.com]) while reducing the distance of the highly detailed Cascade Shadow Maps, which has given us a major performance boost on maps with a lot of trees like Fools Road and Operation First Light. In addition, we have reduced bones on the player skeleton so that players farther away will consume fewer resources for animations. We have also eliminated a lot of excess animation nodes and cleaned up our animation code to be more efficient across the board.

AMD CPU Specific Performance Improvements

We've implemented a Low Quality sounds toggle in the Game Settings on top of general cleaning up of the soundscape, which should help many users with poor audio performance on AMD CPU hardware, as well as in general. If you are having very low FPS AMD CPU systems, turn on Low Quality Sounds and you should see a nice performance bump. We actively encourage those that do have AMD CPU hardware to try this new update out, and to provide with us feedback on your play experience. 

Server Update: RCON support for Servers

We have now added in a standard implementation of the valve R-CON or remote console protocol. This protocol will allow server admins to issue console commands for things like broadcasting messages and kicking players remotely via an R-CON application of their choice. In addition to this. Our initial rollout for Alpha v6 includes the standard aspects of R-CON like specifying the port / password, connecting, and authenticating, and will be expanded in a minor upgrade with the ability to issue specific commands. Additionally, with the help of Disposable Hero from the Tactical Gamer community, an open source Squad Remote Admin tool is being developed which will feature basic R-CON functionality specialized for use with the Squad server.

Founders Perks: Skin Additions

Founders Skins have been added back to the game! If you backed us on Kickstarter or pre-ordered at the Founders level, you now have access to your ingame item rewards. They are disabled by default, so you need to go into your Game Settings and enable the skins you want to use. Note: The Founders Patches for the character models are still being worked on, so while the options are there in the menu, they are nonfunctional. 


Full Changelog


  • Deployables now no longer can be stacked one on top of the other
  • Decreased Construction point and Ammo point income on FOBs
  • Increased time necessary to take down a friendly FOB
  • Tweaked recoil on some weapons
  • Stamina now stops recharging while falling or jumping
  • Insurgency tweaks. Minimum cache distance is now 300m on 2k maps and 400m on 4k maps, Insurgents now loose tickets if they get killed and there is a high but finite number of insurgent tickets (500 tickets) as a secondary win condition (make FOB placement and medics a little bit relevant again)
  • Tweaked minimum arming range on rocket projectiles
  • Speed up the time it takes to show the nametags above peoples head
  • Smoke grenades no longer kill you with direct hits
  • You can no longer focus while moving (within reason, there is a small velocity buffer)
  • Updated recoil zoom modifier on ACOGs


  • Added Foliage bending on some maps, partial implementation at this stage
  • Fixed an issue with soldiers standing when dead if you connect to a server with a game already in progress.
  • Fixed weapon disappearing after using medic bag or field dressings.
  • Fixed a number of crashes related to VOIP
  • Added LODs to the soldier skeletons, improved performance on the animation-side when rendering multiple characters at a distance on screen
  • Added Low Quality Sounds, which should help some AMD CPU users who are having stuttering issues related to sounds.
  • Fixed issues with grenades exploding too late when you are dead
  • Fixed a bug in AAS where lattice links would incorrectly look the wrong direction when looking for home links (fixes a potential locked in main situation).
  • Mains now always contest their neighbors in AAS, which should prevent potential locked-in-main situations
  • Fixed a PAAS issue where too many flags could be contested.
  • Fixed an issue when leaning and sprinting while wounded would get the player stuck in that state
  • Fixed an issue while jumping out of gun while holding fire allowed you to jump in the gun and fire without pressing a button.
  • Tweaked MP443 pistols hit detection settings
  • Fixed an issue where players are using more field dressings than are in their inventory
  • Fixed players being able to spawn on other squads rally points when changing squad
  • Adjusted projectiles so they overlap instead of block on water collisions, causing projectiles to now enter water
  • Fixed weapon reloading desyncing between clients
  • Fixed return to origin of the weapon reload being too slow/fast/various times
  • Fixed an issue where the field dressings and medic bags would dissapear on weapon switch.
  • Fixed enemies markers occasionally being visible during the first moments when you join a server
  • Fixed some cases where the server list was not updating properly
  • Fixed suppression effects not firing off under certain hit detection conditions
  • Reworked code for healing yourself and someone else. This should prevent you from healing yourself and someone else at the same time with the medic bag
  • Updated scalability to force distance field shadows on all graphics settings
  • Fixed grenades from showing unequipping animation when there are no grenades left
  • Fixed grenades not showing 1p and 3p in Listen Servers
  • Fixed Shovel and patches being displayed below player
  • NetUpdateRate optimizations. All spawn points down from 100 to 1, FOB spawns from 100 to 10, CameraMan from 100 to 10
  • Improved performance on shovels, they now use a timer instead of ticking and only tick the timer when they are equipped
  • Prevent reloading if your input is disabled. This prevents a bug that is caused by deploying and reloading at the same time
  • All weapons now only tick when they are equipped, and unequipped network update rates have been drastically decreased


  • Server Browser no longer kicks you back to main with a server full message after you have completely loaded the map, instead you should see this message pop up within a few seconds of trying to join a server.
  • Updated inventory slider, you can now disable auto switching between weapons as well as confirm and cancel weapon switches that are only still highlighted in the UI.
  • Fixed Purple smoke grenades having blue UI icon
  • Optimised the Main Menu UI
  • Optimised the in-game HUD
  • Fixed Squad Leader icon number disappearing when he goes incapacitated
  • Simplified the code for and added more validity checking to the team switch confirmation widget
  • Fixed an issue where multiple toasts could crash the game due to incorrect garbage collection safety
  • Fixed Tickets not always showing at rounds end
  • Fixed an issue where overlapping Capture Zones would cause the capture widget to not show while you were in a capture zone.
  • Fixed Sergeant Chevrons and Squad Leader Number overlapping
  • Fixed the map timer not always showing the text in the correct format
  • Fixed an issue where the Map Timer would desync between server and client
  • Fixed keyboard not getting automatic focus on password dialog box when entering passworded servers
  • Updated Minimaps on all maps to show fields, bodies of water, gameplay boundaries and also a distance scale
  • Fixed toast messages being cut off by a smaller than normal dialogue box
  • Fixed Fools Road and Sumari minimaps being out of alignment
  • Updated Militia and Russian faction radial menu to use the Russian radio instead of US or INS
  • Added map icon for HMGs


  • Added Sound collisions to most passable vegetation, as you move through foliage you will make a noticeable sound
  • Modified bullet hit dirt sounds
  • Updated main menu music
  • Added reverb volumes in tunnels on Fools Road
  • Fixed attenuation and increased volume on healing sounds.
  • Added Bleeding and Wounded/Incap EQ filters that adjust based upon your health.
  • Modified SVD fire sounds
  • Modified default M4 fire sounds to later fit for dynamic reflections
  • Fix to crack flyby sounds


  • Improved LODs on various static props
  • Added window bar props to various maps
  • Added water interactivity, collisions and impact effects by the player, small arms and explosives
  • Fixed corrugated metal fences and scrap with double sided geometry settings
  • Updated metal fences and log trenches to have proper materials and impact effects
  • Overhauled bullet impacts on Dirt to use new gpu debris and random dust animations
  • Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not rendering at far distances
  • Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not always colliding with the surrounding environment
  • Fixed tracer rounds showing too close or behind the gun barrels.
  • Fixed several physmats having wrong footstep dirt effect, causing weird excessive foot fx on plastic, rubber etc.
  • Added small working tool props as map decoration
  • Relocated all shell ejection sockets to their right position, and improved the visual look of them spinning out of the ejection port
  • Resized dirt bullet hits and improved random dirt animations
  • Updated blast shockwaves relevant to dirt, grass and wood
  • Fixed hescos disappearing at a distance
  • Added small bulletholes for Makarov and other 9mm pistols
  • Fixed RPG7 low quality geometry sight being mis-aligned
  • Fixed misaligned rocket on the RPG7 during the reload
  • Adjusted Particle Bounds of RPG7 rocket concrete explosion


  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck under the hopper car on Fools Road
  • Fixed issue where you could use prone to get into the pipe on the gas silo Fools Road/First Light
  • Fixed Op First Light warehouse door collisions from being borked
  • Updated lighting on all maps
  • Added more cache locations that are outside of buildings
  • Fixed players falling through mine roof on Fools Road
  • Fixed players spawning on the hesco bunker roof on Fools Road
  • Updated playable boundaries on a number of maps
  • Updated max tickets for BLUFOR on Logar Insurgency
  • Added Chora Insurgency Layer
  • Added Sumari Insurgency Layer
  • Updated cap zone names for some maps
  • Ambient sound fixes on Gorodok, Logar and Firing Range maps.


  • Added RCON Server plugin
  • Added map icon for admin cam
  • Fixed crashing on Admin-Camera as soon as you reload your weapon
  • Fix for crash caused by jumping in admin cam while reloading on listen server and non-networked games.
  • AdminRestartMatch command should now restart the map and stay on the same level
Squad Alpha 5 https://squad-servers.com/blog/3/squad-alpha-5/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/3/squad-alpha-5/ Tue, 22 Mar 2016 22:39 CET Version 5.0 comes packed with a number of UI and quality of life improvements to help smooth out your experience in-game, as well as a number of balance and performance tweaks, not to mention a whole slew of additional expanded areas for maps that are currently in rotation. Read the full changelog below!

Major Changes

Map Updates

As outlined in the last monthly recap, we have a number of map updates and new areas for players to duke it out.

Updated UI Map Look and Feel

The map and respawn screen has received a huge code and art pass. Porting over parts of the heavy Blueprint code over to C++, weve achieved a major performance increase over the previous versions, as well as fixed a large number of annoying issues like not being able to switch between the spawn screen and the map. Additionally, we are doing an art pass to improve the readability and look and feel of the map.

Updated Optics

We added a blur filter and improved the sight picture on some of the optics.

Balance Pass on Stamina

Standing around waiting for your stamina to regenerate before you jumped over a knee high wall is not fun, so weve fixed that. Weve reduced the stamina cost for the first jump, but added an increasing stamina penalty the more you jump in succession. Preserve your stamina, spread out your jumps!

Server Licensing

We now have official server licensing system in place for communities and server providers wishing to officially host a server and be officially sanctioned by us to provide the ideal Squad experience to players. We are adding this system in order to quickly direct players to servers that have -
  • Quality, dedicated administration
  • Have reliable and powerful server hardware
  • Promote teamwork and communication in their community and/or clan.
  • Provide a positive environment for new players to learn the game and play with more experienced players.
  • Use the vanilla Squad gamemode rules so regular players know what to expect (will be important once modding is possible)
More information about applications and server licensing HERE.



  • You are no longer punished with a team switch timer if you failed to switch team
  • Further optimisation passes on weapon and player animation code
  • Jumping has been redone. 

    Jumping no longer requires stamina. However, for every jump a small cooldown timer is associated with it. If another jump occurs before this small cooldown is up your jump height and forward velocity will become lower. If multiple jumps are done consecutively (spamming jump) four or more times without allowing the small cooldown timer to reset, you will go on an extended cooldown timer while your jump stamina regenerates. This allows more flexibility while preventing bunny hopping.

  • Updated rulesets to only count TKs as 1 ticket instead of 2. Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be punished for suicides twice.
  • Fixed an issue where sending someone straight to death would not score or apply punishments in the case of TKs.
  • Fixed kit logic not working correctly in all cases, We now remove your kit as a squad leader if you pass the squad leader role have been added.
  • Fixed an issue where players could deploy with a kit role while incapacitated, effectually allowing +1 available kits of any type.
  • Updated sway values for most weapons. 

    Optics and iron sights have slightly different values to account for magnification.

    Speed and horizontal randomization sway has been increased to more accurately represent and convey the appropriate target acquisition timing desired. 

    Managing combat stances should be more desirable, more effective, and medium to long range fire will potentially require more effort, especially in the standing.

    Updated focus time by 5 seconds to account for potentially higher difficulty in firing with updated sway values.

  • Changed the way traces work for nametags, so the trace comes from the eyes instead of the waist and we trace for several parts of the body instead of just tracing for Center of Mass.
  • Fixed a mass disconnect when Steam servers go down
  • Fixed bug where player is stuck in sprinting if they die while sprinting and then get revived.
  • Fixes to make deployable ghosts more reliable.
  • Updated graphics settings defaults and edited the graphics menu to get rid of variables that were not having any effect anyway.
  • Modified decompression for Audio which should help with performance.
  • Unicode support fixes, specifically for non-language characters like Emoji


  • Improved the inventory sliders so grouped weapons and your current selection (different coloured smoke grenades for instance) all appear at once so you know exactly what youre selecting in your inventory.
  • Added a UI element for jumping height penalty.
  • Added bleeding and incapacitated map icons on the map, visible to Medics.
  • Updated player map icons in preparation for a greater overhaul of the UI.
  • Players can now close their map and spawn-screen with the main menu button (default escape on keyboard or start on gamepad)
  • Added role icons and kit tooltips to Ammo Crate resupply menu.
  • Changed the map so it will never be able to lock your inputs when closed anymore.
  • Added a pulse animation for your own player icon for quicker identification.
  • Fixed the inability to drag the map in the spawn screen.
  • Touched up the spawn menu role select to make the grey out of kits work, and introduced a new presentation style that allows for more information about loadouts at a glance
  • Cleaned up marker code and tooltip code, should hopefully give better performance, and no longer capture the players input when they want to select a rallypoint
  • Added a News message box for the main menu
  • Added a server licensing information notice to the main menu when server licensing is enabled. The custom games list now no longer shows when server licensing is disabled remotely.
  • Added the ability to delete action keys in the keybindings menu
  • Fixed bug where screen resolution would reset when editing settings.
  • Fixed player tooltip name not showing up on players that are bleeding or incap and you mouse over them as a medic.
  • Updated Quickstart guide loading screen image
  • Updated minimaps to be greyscale, in preparation for more UI developments down the line.


  • Added new radial blur to all weapons with optics. The area around magnified optics has been darkened with a slight, soft blur to bring more focus into optic itself.
  • Updated Russian medics and SLs to use new Russian binoculars.
  • Added collisions to bricks and other large trash items.
  • Added more Tunnel components.
  • Fixed collision meshes on various Afghani structures.
  • Updated cannabis plants
  • Added new wooden and chain-link fence statics
  • Fixed wood floor reflectivity
  • Fixed AK74M and RPK74M lod shading issues
  • Fixed Russian AK optic having too much magnification
  • Adjusted all magnified optics to more accurately represent their realistic values in-game using a magnification to FOV calculation. This fixed Russian AK optics having too much magnification.


  • Updated all AAS layers (not including Skirmish) with latest ticket system adjustments. Bleed, tickets lost, and tickets gained have been adjusted. Ticket system has been standardized to create consistency across all map layers and scales based on number of flags on any given map.
  • Updated Fools Road river rock texture to fix its specularity
  • Updated and expanded Chora
  • Updated Train Wreck to Train Village and added a new cap zone on Operation First Light
  • Fixed minor foliage and static bugs on Kohat. Updated Kohat radio tower layer so US starts with fewer points but gains points with each flag capture. Modified spawn locations on Kohat AAS.


  • Fixed all admins able to join full servers
  • Fixed admin command description for kick by ID.
  • Fixed an improper Disconnected by EAC kick.
  • Added admin group permission type to circumvent team change timer
  • Changed TK punishment from a Kick to a 5 minute (by default) timed ban. Servers can configure it.
  • Number of improvements and fixes to the Admin camera
Squad Alpha 4 https://squad-servers.com/blog/2/squad-alpha-4/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/2/squad-alpha-4/ Thu, 04 Feb 2016 23:35 CET

Major Changes:


Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)

This release will feature Easy Anti-Cheat as a new active anti-cheat protection system.

1P78 Kashtan Rifle Optic


The Russian faction now have scopes for their weapons! As one of the most requested feature, we are pleased to grant the Russian faction a rifle optic for their primary AK74M and support RPK74M rifles as well as sneaking some goodies for the Militia.


RGD-5 Grenade
The RGD-5 is a post-WW2 Soviet-era grenade, inexpensive to manufacture and commonly found in many modern conflict areas. Will be featured on the Militia and Russian factions.


Map Updates


Fools Road received a new industrial area in the South West of the map, an updated Estate with a very cool tunnel section connecting the buildings together, as well as many new details and features spread out around the map.


Chora has also received many updates, expanding the playable area and more detail work.


Flag Capture Mechanics Updates


AAS has been updated with some new gamemode rules to encourage greater emphasis on the flag objectives.  Flags now have an increasing ticket bleed based on the number of flags owned by the opposing team, reducing the chance that the team with more flags loses the match.  Additionally, capturing a flag now grants the capturing team some tickets, as well as increasing the ticket loss for the team that loses a flag. Finally, we have added a protection sphere around each teams main base, which prevents bullets and players from the opposing team entering in it's area thus adding a layer of protection from main base camping.


Post Processing Effects


Many post processing effects and the ability to change their settings have been added.  Ambient Occlusion helps to define soft shadowing of objects.  Auto Exposure and Eye Adaptation causes the exposure of the screen image to simulate the effect of human eyes moving between brightly lit and dim environments.  Bloom is the bleed-over of light caused by looking at bright objects in lowly lit environments. Motion Blur adds a blur effect to objects depending on how quickly they are moving on the screen (works well with the new Russian scopes).  Lens Flare simulates scattering of light when viewing bright objects through lenses.


Server Browser and Joining Server improvements


The server browser has been improved, adding sorting by each column as well as better usability in general.  Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed, improving the server join experience and a quicker response when you fail to join a server.




  • Added a team switch timer, limiting how often you can switch teams, this timer only applies after the round startup time allowing teams and friends to get set up.

  • Added Dome of Defense around main bases (Destroys all enemy projectiles upon impact, and pushes back enemy soldiers if they try to enter)

  • Updated the AAS logic to be more robust and have more features

    • Allows for giving the capturing team tickets and also has an option to prevent ticket gain when capping from start-neutral

    • Owning more capture zones than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty. The more zones owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs.

  • Fixed the ability to lean while prone, this snuck in due to lean code optimization

  • Kit, role and equipment changes

    • Marksman kit moved from the specialist group to fire support, same squad/team limitations as before

    • Fire support kits are now reduced to 3 when at max squad size, down from 4. You should see more ordinary riflemen on the field now

    • Grenadier kit now unlocks at 5 squad members, rather than 4

    • Max amount of grenadiers available per squad down to 1 from 2 (AK74+GP25 removed from Militia until we have a more flexible inventory selection system)

    • Ordinary riflemen/fighter kits with ironsight or red dot sights now have 2 frag grenades rather than 1

    • Automatic riflemen now have another 150-200 rounds depending on the caliber of the weapon, so you don’t have to feel bad about suppressing the enemy

    • Designated marksmen now have less rifle ammo to keep in line with damage potential of other classes (SVD down from 8 to 4 magazines), make those shots count

    • Designated marksmen has 3 pistol mags rather than 2

    • Added more smoke variation and each team now has different colored smoke variations. Militia have Green and Yellow smoke colour variations, Russians have Purple and Orange, while the insurgents have Black and Yellow. 40mm smoke grenades remain the same for now.

    • Russian squad leader has an alternative kit available at 6 squad members, an AK74M with an optic

    • Russian rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1

    • Russian Automatic rifleman + optics kit available at 8 squad members

    • Militia rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1

    • Every kit that has a magnified optic now has one less magazine than their red dot / ironsight counterparts

    • Added RGD-5 frag grenade to replace placeholder M67 on the Russian faction, also gave an alternative skinned version of it to Militia instead of the F1

  • Weapon changes

    • Added deviation to rockets and launched grenades projectiles

    • ACOG model got a quality of life upgrade to make it look prettier

    • Slight increase in the recoil of the SVD

    • Fixed a bug where all weapons were firing at the same muzzle velocity. Now weapons have different bullet drop depending on caliber/muzzle velocities

  • Updated inventory action delay timer on the scrolling menu from .5 to 1.5 seconds.

  • Medic bag and field dressing improvements

    • Added more information feedback to the player

    • Fixed an issue where enemy soldiers could be healed

  • Rally point changes

    • Rally point code has been more optimized for server use

    • Increased placement cooldown time from 30 seconds to 210 seconds

    • Rally points can no longer be placed with enemies within a 50m radius, and will reset the placement time from 0 to 90 seconds. Your former rally points do not disappear.

    • Rally point placement now requires sl + 3 squad member if the sl does not have an officer kit, if he does have it, then only sl + 1 squad member is needed

    • Changing squad leader now resets the rally point placement time to 120 seconds if the placement time was under 120 seconds.

    • All rallypoint messages are now shown in the chat area instead of the middle of the screen.

  • If your squad leader changes, a message is now sent to your chat area to inform.

  • Deployable placement errors are now posted to your chat area.

  • Fixed an issue where you could leave a squad and keep your kit if you were incapacitated

  • Map and spawn screen updates

    • Opening of map and spawn screen no longer stops the talking input

    • Clicking around and interacting with the spawn screen no longer stops other inputs (you can now move and interact with the menu at the same time, note that there are many edge cases to this particular issue and we will be addressing them as they are reported)

    • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor could be lost when returning to the spawn screen after having opened the main menu

    • Map and spawn screen now automatically closes when the main menu is opened

    • Moved a large chunk of the map implementation to c++ improving stability and speed

    • Fixed a bug where the SL menu on the spawn map was not updating it’s last clicked position correctly

    • SL menu on the spawn map now opens with the cursor in the middle of the hex menu, making it easier to mark locations and work with the ui

    • SL marker lifespan is now 5 minutes, up from 1.5 minutes

    • Reduced the zoom levels on the map from 7 to 4, and made the map zoom all the way out on the outmost level

    • Slight rework of the map medic icon, making it more distinct.

  • Keybinds for the spawn screen and map now work on both open/close. (You can rebind them to Enter without issues)

  • Changed the lowest possible FOV to 90 degrees.

  • Added more graphics settings for Motion Blur, Bloom, Lens Flare, Auto Exposure, etc.This is still work in progress

  • Fixed issue where some higher resolutions were missing from the graphics settings

  • Added sortable server browser

  • Fixed some disconnection issues upon joining a server

  • Added a system that allows for individual damage sounds depending on the collision bone that was hit, this is replacing the dead sounds, meaning that you no longer know if an enemy died unless you do a visual confirmation

  • Added initial enhancements to the Admin Camera to support Squad League with Player Outlining and Capture Zone visualizations.

  • Redesigned smoke grenade variations to share one projectile and one effect. Any color variations now only need to be a child of the original, instead of needing duplicate effects and projectiles. This optimizes the deployment of smoke grenades and makes implementation easier.

  • Stopped smoke from playing on the server unintended. This prevents smoke spam affecting server fps.

  • Removed manually placed border blocking volumes and updated with new spline blocking volumes.

  • Lots of LOD models added to weapons, improving performance

  • Reworked tracers slightly, making them easier to use when correcting bullet drop

  • Reworked server configs, ban lists & admin lists http://forums.joinsq...-server-config/

  • Added server messages

  • Changed console command ShowPlayerIds to ListPlayers

  • Added temp / timed bans

Squad Alpha 3.9 https://squad-servers.com/blog/1/squad-alpha-39/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1/squad-alpha-39/ Tue, 12 Jan 2016 21:29 CET
Alpha 3.9 Changelog 
  • Improved client performance related to optimizations in the anim system
  • Fixed kit allocations not working in many situations
  • Updated Militia player models with new components, distinguishing them further from other factions
  • Performance improvements to the Militia player models
  • Leaving a squad now replaces your kit
  • Improved Steam authentication for better stability
  • Allows for joining on Steam friends
  • Allows for joining servers via web browser sites
  • Increased server connection timeout, decreasing the amount of unintentional disconnects
  • Increased server browser timeout
  • Increased timeout for joining a map to allow people with low spec pc’s to load the game, without being kicked unintentionally by the server for timeout
  • Added SteamID to showplayerids
  • Fixed banning by ID issues
  • Improved performance of explosion effects
  • Added the ability to reset keybindings
  • Separated out the default button in each section of the settings menu, pressing default now only resets the current menu’s settings.
  • Players can now cancel joining the firing range in menu
  • Fixed incorrect access level for banning
  • Fixed a few server crashes

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/squad/announcements/detail/939365477115235909]]>