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Today we are releasing Squad Hotfix v3.1, which specifically aims to address some of the issues introduced into the game by last week’s v3.0 Update (LINK URL).

We would like to thank all of the players who used our forums (LINK URL) and other channels to report their experiences with the game. If you have further issues please report them on our forums.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of Squad and your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

At ease,

- Offworld Industries


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash “CreateUnorderedAccessView”, this was caused by a new water compute shader not being compatible with older machines / older GPU drivers.
  • Fixed a client crash when returning to the main menu. This was related to the waterline post process.
  • Fixed a client crash when loading into a map regarding replication of vehicle seats.
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles getting launched into space after being in the water, causing very poor FPS (<1) and/or client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with log spam "STEAM Rules response", reducing the log size on clients.
  • Optimized networking of the environment interaction component to improve server network performance.
  • Fixed an issue AUS F88 (old) scope water invisible through
  • Fixed CAF Coyote ARV turret not passing damage to the vehicle.
  • Fixed M1151 CROWS using the wrong map marker icon.
  • Fixed an issue with USMC AAVP seat configuration on certain variants, unifying the seat configuration to 1 driver + 11 passengers.
  • Adjusted USMC AAVP Mk19 automatic grenade launcher to improve gameplay balance:
  • Rearm cost was increased to 75 ammo points per magazine (up from 8)
  • Time to rearm one magazine was increased to 45 seconds (up from 3)
  • Amount of magazines that could be rearmed at once was limited to 1
  • Currently loaded magazine can’t be rearmed anymore (operator will need to load a new magazine for the current one to be rearmed/refilled)
  • Projectile spread cone angle was increased to 50 MOA (up from 35)Fixed an issue with all RUS faction deployables not having a cost or limit on the Black Coast map layers.
  • Fixed an issue with USMC LAV25 ARV woodland variant requiring Crewman kit for both the Commander seat and Pintle mounted MG seat. No special kit is required for these 2 vehicle positions.

Map Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Al Basrah AAS v3 - Fixed INS minsk bikes not spawning.
  • Black Coast RAAS v1 - Adjusted one of USMC’s helipad proximity to trees.
  • Black Coast RAAS v3 - Fixed Subpen being available in the CP pool.
  • Black Coast Seed v1 - Fixed USMC Main’s protection zone allowing USMC soldiers to survive as frogs.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4 - Fixed RUS Main missing repair stations and RUS helicopter pad not having rearm/repair and ammo/construction resupply.
  • Jensens Range v3 - Fixed USMC UH1Y helicopter exploding on spawn.

SDK Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Moved several materials to Eastern_European/Materials folder,
  • Moved M_Bunker_procedural_mat.uasset to Content/Environment/Eastern_european
  • Added additional assets into SDK.

  •  Clear Cache to resolve residual issues If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.
Squad v3.0.1 Hotfix https://squad-servers.com/blog/1230/squad-v301-hotfix/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1230/squad-v301-hotfix/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 19:34 CEST
Today we are releasing Squad Hotfix v3.0.1, which specifically aims to address some of the issues introduced into the game by yesterday’s v3.0 Update (LINK URL[joinsquad.com]).

We would like to thank all of the players who used our forums (LINK URL) and other channels to report their experiences with the game. If you have further issues please report them on our forums.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of Squad and your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

At ease,

- Offworld Industries]]>
Squad v3.0 Is Live Now https://squad-servers.com/blog/1229/squad-v30-is-live-now/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1229/squad-v30-is-live-now/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 20:01 CEST

Attention Squaddies,

Squad’s v3.0 update is now live for players to download.

For details on what’s in this latest update visit our Release Notes which we posted yesterday (LINK URL).

To report any technical issues you might experience after updating to v3.0 please share them on our forums (LINK URL).

Thank you for your attention.

At ease,

– Offworld Industries]]>
Squad Update v3.0 Release Notes https://squad-servers.com/blog/1228/squad-update-v30-release-notes/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1228/squad-update-v30-release-notes/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 19:16 CEST
Tomorrow we are releasing Squad v3.0.

While there are dozens of improvements, fixes, and other changes in v3.0 the most significant are the addition of the American marine forces faction, new amphibious gameplay, and a new map Black Coast.

We’ve made a whole lot of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

Squad v3.0 will be released on Wednesday, June 22nd at 18:00 UTC.

At ease,

- Offworld Industries


Amphibious Gameplay and Water Interaction

This update primarily showcases amphibious functionality

  • Join the marine forces in amphibious assaults from ships off the coast.
  • Leverage the unique capabilities of your vehicles and faction asymmetry to pull off new tactical manoeuvres.
List of vehicles with amphibious capabilities
  • AAVP-7A1 APC - NEW
  • AAVC-7A1 Command/Logistics Vehicle - NEW
  • LAV-25 Armoured Recon Vehicle - NEW
  • ASLAV Armoured Recon Vehicle
  • BMP-1 IFV
  • BMP-2 IFV
  • BTR-80 APC
  • BTR-82A APC
  • BRDM-2 Scout Car
  • In addition to these fully amphibious machines, many military vehicles are capable of fording bodies of water up to a certain depth. Other less rugged vehicles will slow to a crawl and be flooded.
  • Fully-modelled waves, buoyancy, and water drag physics for vehicles.
  • Waves become more gentle in inland waters.
  • Soldier water interaction has been reworked
  • Deep water reduces movement speed, scaling by immersion depth.
  • Trying to move in deep water depletes stamina, scaling by immersion depth.
  • Soldiers will raise their weapons above their heads when passing chest-deep water.
  • Drowning damage has been reworked and rebalanced.
  • Added Amphibious Invasion layers where capturing the first flag provides a shoreside spawn point for non-amphibious vehicles.
  • Added an icon to denote Amphibious capability in the driver’s HUD and Map Vehicle List.
  • Animated vehicle wake-plates when entering/exiting water

American Marine Forces Faction

Summary of American Marine Forces Faction
  • Iconic weapons, equipment, and tactics
  • Adds BLUFOR amphibious capability
New / Modified Weapons
  • M16A4 Full Length 5.56mm Rifle
  • M27 IAR + SDO Optic 5.56mm Rifle
  • M38 5.56 DMR
  • M249 SAW + SDO Optic 5.56mm LMG
  • M240 + MGO Optic 7.62mm MMG
  • M16A4 + M203 40mm Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher
  • SMAW Heavy Anti-Tank
  • OKC-3S Knife
    Shared Existing Weapons with US Army
  • M4 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle
  • M136 Medium Anti-Tank
  • M72A7 light Anti-Tank
  • M9 9mm Pistol
  • M67 Fragmentation Grenade
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
Kit Roles
  • Rifleman (3 variants)
  • Corpsman (2 variants)
  • Squad Leader (3 variants)
  • Crewman (2 variants)
  • Pilot (2 variants)
  • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)
  • Light Anti Tank (2 variants)
  • Heavy Anti Tank (2 variants)
  • Grenadier
  • Marksman
  • Machine Gunner
  • Combat Engineer
  • RHIB Watercraft
  • RHIB Transport
  • RHIB Logistics
  • RHIB M240
  • RHIB M2
  • M1151 Light Armoured Car
  • M1151 Open Top M2
  • M1151 Open Door M2
  • M1151 RWS M2
  • M-ATV Armoured Car
  • M-ATV Open Top M2
  • M-ATV RWS M2
  • AAVP7-A1 Armored Personnel Carrier
  • AAVP7-A1 Amphibious APC
  • AAVC7-A1 Amphibious Armored Logistics
  • LAV-25A2 Amphibious Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • M1A1 Main Battle Tank
  • UH1Y Transport Helicopter
Map Layers
  • Updated many map layers to include USMC:
  • Note for Server Owners - Black Coast POI Subpen - This flag location currently only exists on AAS v1 and Seed v1 for performance reasons.When running Black Coast AAS v1 please keep in mind players may have much worse client performance The Subpen POI will be receiving updates and will be worked on for a future update when it could possibly be added to more map layers.
  • Al Basrah Invasion v2
  • Belaya RAAS v2
  • Black Coast AAS v1
  • Black Coast Invasion v1
  • Black Coast Invasion v2
  • Black Coast RAAS v1
  • Black Coast RAAS v2
  • Black Coast Seed v1
  • Black Coast Skirmish v11
  • Black Coast RAAS v3
  • Black Coast RAAS v4
  • Black Coast Invasion v3
  • Fallujah Invasion v1
  • Fallujah Invasion v3
  • Fallujah RAAS v1
  • Fallujah RAAS v3
  • Fallujah RAAS v6
  • Goose Bay RAAS v3
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4
  • Gorodok AAS v4
  • Gorodok RAAS v6
  • Jensen's Range v3
  • Kohat RAAS v2
  • Lashkar RAAS v5
  • Mutaha RAAS v6
  • Narva AAS v4
  • Narva RAAS v2
  • Sumari AAS v5
  • Tallil RAAS v1
  • Tallil Seed v1
  • Yehorivka AAS v4
  • Yehorivka RAAS v1
  • Mutaha RAAS v3 was updated with Great Britain, replacing Australia
  • Updated the Main Menu Entrymap to now feature the USS Essex WASP class LHD emerging from a storm.
  • Updated Discord Rich Presence config for USMC faction.

New CAF Vehicles
  • Added new vehicle: CAF Coyote Armoured Recon Vehicle.
  • Added new vehicle: CAF CH-146 Transport Helicopter.

System & Gameplay Updates
  • Added a new map showcasing amphibious capabilities: Black Coast.
  • Added a new amphibious-focused training map featuring the USS Essex: Pacific Proving Grounds.
  • Added nicknames on the USA M1A2 and USMC M1A1 tank barrels.
  • Added Character Interaction with mud, snow, dirt, and water. These materials will now accumulate on characters’ uniforms.
  • Updated the training menu to include a link to Jensen’s Range for all factions training layers.
  • Updated the infantry weapon hip-fire recoil visual animation to appear more intense.
  • Updated repair station unbuilt and mid-built level states to have a more accurate visual footprint and reduced vertical profile.
  • Updated the Ticket Legend, the generic vehicle ticket amounts have been removed. Exact ticket values for vehicles are now being displayed in the vehicle card list.
  • Updated MEA Ural 4320 and RUS Kamaz5350 truck gearbox configuration.
  • Updated the game flow when entering and exiting vehicles while reloading your weapon. If you enter a vehicle during the reload animation before finishing the reload, the reload will be cancelled.
  • Adjusted the splash damage intensity on vehicle explosions. Vehicle explosions are now less deadly to infantry.
  • Adjusted AUS M1A1 Commander M2 to now use turret stabilisation.
  • Adjusted the rearm costs for various GPMG weapons on multiple vehicle turrets. The rearm costs should be reduced, in some cases drastically. Vehicles affected:
  • USA MATV CROWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
  • USA M1126 RWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
  • GB FV432 RWS w/M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
  • GB FV4032 MBT loader’s turret M240B : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
  • CAF Leopard 2 loader’s turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 250)
  • CAF LAV 6 open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
  • CAF M113 open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
  • CAF M113 TLAV coaxial C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 220 ammo points (down from 750)
  • CAF LUVW open-top turret C6A1 : full rearm cost reduced to 440 ammo points (down from 500)
  • Adjusted CAF M113 TLAV turret inventory config - the coax GPMG now uses the same weapon slot as other similar vehicles (i.e. BTR-80, BRDM-2).
  • Updated the CAF LUVW Transport variant to now have a more clear visual distinction from the Logistics variant. The Transport variant now does not have a rooftop cargo carrier.
  • Updated reticles on the 1P78 (RU AK74m rifle scope) and ZF-1 scope (MEA G3 rifle scope) to be thinner and less obtrusive at range.
  • Updated the GB FV107, USMC LAV-25, and CAF Coyote to use a new Recon Vehicle icon in the Vehicle List menu and Map screen.
  • Adjusted the USA MATV Armored Car’s turret texture colouring to better match the rest of the hull.
  • Adjusted the colour of several CAF vehicles to better match each other.
  • Adjusted the MEA/INS G3 Rifle to have decreased visual roughness on the plastic butt stock and handguards.
  • Adjusted the woodland GB FV4034 and CAF Leo2 MBT’s, to remove distant fields on the turrets camo netting for improved optimization and improved visual quality.
  • Adjusted GB LDS Elcan reticle with thickened numbers to improve readability.
  • Adjusted all vehicles using the GPMG turret weapons and NSV Cupola guns to use proper LODs for improved optimization with these assets.
  • Adjusted all US Army character artwork to feature the M17 MHS pistol as all M9 pistols are now assigned to USMC.
  • Updated the launch Splash image to feature USMC.
  • Updated the CAF team-select menu images with newer character models & CH146.
  • Optimised AUS knife texture usage from 32552kb to 5461kb.
  • Optimised Skorpo cubemap texture usage from 49152kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised texture memory texture usage from 49152kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised Yehorivka Macro Mask Resource Size.
  • Optimised several non-power 2 macro masks texture usage from 65536kb to 8192kb.
  • Optimised skyboxes for lower resolution monitors/lower screen percentages
  • Optimised particle motion vector compression to bc7 from vector displacement
  • Optimised vehicle reticles compression and mips
  • Optimised F88, AUS Binos and SUSAT texture compression to bc7
  • Updated Credits

Audio Updates
  • Added a new music track to the main menu.
  • Added new M4 Rifle firing sounds.
  • Updated the AK74 Rifle close-up firing sounds.
  • Updated CAF C7 rifle series SFX for better ROF timing and decreased bass for mid range firing.
  • Updated the DShK HMG close-up firing sounds to use new, more powerful sounding SFX.
  • Updated the M2 HMG close-up firing sounds to use new, more powerful sounding SFX.
  • Added new CAF LUVW engine sounds.
  • Updated infantry sounds to now include sounds when interacting with mud, including a mud landing sound, mud crawling sounds, and mud wrestling sounds.
  • Updated 50cal projectiles to use new wood impact sounds.
  • Adjusted bullet cracks audio with minor tweaks.
  • Adjusted 30mm pass-by sounds
  • Adjusted the turret rotation audio for emplacements and technicals.
  • Disabled muffled EQ for 1p chopper gunner firing including reload sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with footstep landing sounds, as they were too quiet and should now match the normal footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with several vehicles that had missing engine destroyed sounds.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the DSHK and M2 HMG distance firing sounds volume from close range to mid range.
General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which was affecting patch install times. This will only improve install times for patches which come after v3.0, and is not a complete solution to long install times. We will continue to investigate fixes for that issue.
  • Fix attempt for a server crash related to Soldier Ragdolls.
  • Fixed an animation issue where certain grenade launchers, binoculars and rocket launchers (ie M72A3) had a jarring delay in the start of the animation when reloading, equipping, etc.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with AUS Field Dressings costing 10 ammo points to rearm instead of 5.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with certain user input breaking Rallypoints.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue where the AUS/GB HX60 Truck’s F2 passenger seat soldier’s boots were clipping through the vehicle mesh.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Seed map layers, the pre-placed deployables were unintentionally respawning after getting destroyed.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the M4 M150 ACOG M203 Rifle having a misaligned front sight mount.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the RUS Kamaz5350 Truck, the wheel traces caused the truck to get launched in unexpected ways. The vehicle handling should feel significantly different now. Increased speed threshold for substepping to have high precision at the shift point between 1st and 2nd gear. Also fixed an issue with the wheel setup that was affecting stability of the vehicle when doing sharp turns.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with Light APCs, which were costing 10 instead of 5 tickets if destroyed by friendly fire.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS Black M1151 jeep, the gunner was not receiving direct explosive/frag damage.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the INS Black M1151 which was not receiving explosive damage properly and was not destroyable with timed explosives.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue where the CAF LAV6 IFV collision mesh permitted soldiers to clip into the rear of the vehicle.
  • Fixed a visual issue with helicopter tail rotors not showing rocket impact explosions correctly.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS/MIL BMP1 IFV, where the visual ATGM rocket mesh remains on the vehicle after getting fired.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Militia soldiers roughness/metallic values.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the RUS/MEA BMP2’s front wheel rig.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF TLAV APC, where the turret was not visible on the wreck mesh, they will now pop off a little when destroyed.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS/MIL Mosin Rifle metal albedo being too bright.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the AUS Browning MK3 Pistol having flickering textures.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the BTR80, MTLB 6MA, BRDM-2 and BRDM-2 Spandrels occasionally having player shadows visible outside of their turrets.
  • Fixed a visual issue with ammo bags & rally points, there were inconsistencies with the desert/woodland patterns between factions, these have been standardized to woodland for all factions for all biomes.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB FV510 IFV, the turret colour was not matching the rest of the hull.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the RUS Kamaz truck having broken normals on the rear truck flap.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the CAF Rifleman 2 Arid soldier mesh, which had a visual anomaly with the helmet scrim.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MIL + INS Repair Station, at the first build state the generator's frame was doubled and clipped into the mesh.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MEA BRDM hubcaps using the wrong texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the MEA UB32 rocket pod turret having incorrect texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the INS Black M1151 Light Jeep which had a missing vehicle wreck texture.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the G3 Z-point selection icons being inconsistent.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Militia Machine Gunner Soldier having bad skinning on the back of the neck.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB Rifleman Soldier's back, which had bad skin weights.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB Automatic Rifleman soldier mesh having a double radio pack.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the name of the MEA BRDM-2 UB32 on the HUD text element being incorrect.

Map Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Updated CAF map layers to include the new CAF vehicles.
  • Updated the following maps to use the new ocean/lake water interaction: Al Basrah, Goose Bay, Narva, Skorpo.
  • Updated all Level Designer-placed razor wire (ie Al Basrah VCP) to use the same damage and movement penalty settings as deployables razor wire.
  • Fixed a visual issue with dead poplar trees having bad ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed a visual issue with various “breathing” ground cover materials when affected by wind.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the cattail plant mesh breaking when blowing in the wind.
  • Fixed a visual issue on the Infantry Tutorial causing floating grass and green roads.
  • Anvil Skirmish v1, Goose Bay Skirmish v1, Lashkar Skirmish v1 - Fixed an issue with Flag ticket gains being incorrect. They should behave like other skirmish layers:
  • +20 tickets for flag capture
  • +10 tickets for neutral flag capture
  • Anvil RAAS v1 - Fixed an issue where MBT’s were not spawning for both teams.
  • Al Basrah Seed v1 - Fixed minor visual issue with pre-placed FOB, MEA faction was incorrectly using the RUS Radio mesh and sound.
  • Belaya RAAS v5 - Adding missing helipad and heli spawner for CAF.
  • Fools Road Invasion v1 - Fixed a spelling in the name (was missing v).
  • Goose Bay - fixed collision on the roof of the airport building.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4 - Fixed floating ammo crate.
  • Goose Bay RAAS v3 - Added new map layer with USMC vs RUS.
  • Goose Bay Skirmish v1 - Fixed an issue with both teams main base resupply zone not being large enough.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v3 - Fixed an issue with the RUS Main base resupply zone not including the helipad, preventing helicopters from rearming.
  • Goose Bay Invasion v4 - New map layer featuring the USMC.
  • Gorodok RAAS v11 - Fixed an issue where River Fortification can appear twice in the same layer, right on top of each other.
  • Gorodok - Fixed trees and smoke visible in Gorodok skybox.
  • Gorodok - simplified large scale grass.
  • Infantry Tutorial - Updated vehicle and faction ID board with USMC vehicles and infantry.
  • Jensen's Range v6 (AUS/RUS) - Fixed an issue with the AUS MRH90 helicopter exploding on the landing pad.
  • Jensen’s Range - Added Australian/RUS Jensens Range main menu selection link for AUS/RUS and USMC/RUS map layers.
  • Kamdesh Invasion v4 - Fixed an issue with the AUS MRH90 helicopter exploding on the landing pad.
  • Kohat AAS v2 - Changed from Mid Day to Early Morning lighting.
  • Manic-5 - Updated the upper water reservoir depth to be very shallow. This is an interim workaround for a technical issue, until the map can be fully updated for amphibious gameplay.
  • Mutaha Invasion v1 - Added INS Ural375 Transport Truck.
  • Mutaha RAAS v3 - Updated to swap AUS with GB.
  • Mutaha RAAS v5 - Fixed bad MBT spawner position for MEA.
  • Narva - Added amphibious water and updated the Narva landscape material.
  • Sumari Seed v1 - Fixed minor visual issue with pre-placed FOB, INS faction was incorrectly using the RUS Radio mesh and sound.
  • Tallil Outskirts - Adjusted all Tallil map layers' helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 600m to 300m to avoid visual anomalies and excessive helicopter spotting with LOD/landscape exploits.

SDK Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Incremented the Mod Major Version, to enforce compatibility with the new Squad Version on v3.0 release.
  • Added functionality to vehicle spawner that allows to override the biome to use for selecting a vehicle variant for debug purposes
  • Added functionality to vehicle spawner which allows you to set Required Tags. This is used to ensure only Amphibious-capable vehicles spawn in the Essex well deck, for example.
  • Added new experimental gameplay scripting system. This is a basic system for creating quick gameplay scripts. For example, in v3.0 it is used on certain amphibious-focused Invasion map layers to enable or disable vehicle/infantry spawns after the first CP is captured.
  • Added new all-new ocean and lake BPs. These water actors enable waves and infantry and vehicle water interaction. A tutorial for setting these up will eventually be made.
  • Updated vehicle spawner to allow spawning vehicles on water.
  • Overhauled the vehicle turret wrecks for optimization. Turret logic has been consolidated into a component. Your existing custom vehicle wrecks will still work, but we recommend updating to the new system.
  • Added a prototype Cinematic Character blueprint for easy setup of static scenes and cinematics. Also added a prototype improved Projectile Spawner for use with Sequencer.
  • Updated minimap generator tool to have tight and proper bound handling, using landscape component bound if there are no map corners.
  • Moved the hay bales and snow pole props from Skorpo map folder to Generic and cleaned up redirectors.

Clear Cache to resolve residual issues
  • If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.
Squad v3.0 Landing on June 22nd https://squad-servers.com/blog/1227/squad-v30-landing-on-june-22nd/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1227/squad-v30-landing-on-june-22nd/ Wed, 15 Jun 2022 20:00 CEST

Attention Squaddies,

We are very pleased to announce that the next major update for Squad will be going live on June 22nd! Along with a new map, new vehicles and other game refinements, our 3.0 release will bring yet another one of our previously promised factions to the game - the American marine forces!

Since the start of 2022, the Squad development team has worked hard to hit a much more frequent cadence of releases, and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to Squad and to you, our players.

This is not just another faction. In order to capture the marine experience, and fully mirror their real world missions, an entire new gameplay element has been developed for Squad and will be part of this next update. Previously impassable river and ocean terrain can now be crossed. Vehicles with amphibious capabilities can traverse bodies of deep water expanding players' tactical and strategic options. Five existing Squad maps have been overhauled to add amphibious gameplay, and we will be introducing one new map that’s amphibious ready! We plan to continue to make further refinements to existing maps as time goes on, as well.

The 3.0 update, dubbed our Amphibious Assault update, is a big step forward for Squad and something that has been in the works for a very long time here at Offworld. We are excited to share more information with Squad players over the coming days, and can’t wait for you all to get into the mud and play as this all-new faction.

We’re looking forward to hearing your reactions, seeing the amazing content we know our Squad Partners will be putting out, and want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the Server Owners who help make this game what it is.

Be sure to check back next week for our Release Notes which will have the full list of additions, fixes, and new content coming to the game in v3.0.

At ease,

- Offworld Industries
SQUAD V2.16 IS LIVE NOW https://squad-servers.com/blog/1226/squad-v216-is-live-now/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1226/squad-v216-is-live-now/ Wed, 18 May 2022 20:01 CEST

Attention Squaddies,

Squad’s v2.16 update is now live for players to download.

For details on what’s in this latest update visit our Release Notes which we posted yesterday (LINK URL).

To report any technical issues you might experience after updating to v2.16 please share them on our forums (LINK URL).

Thank you for your attention.

At ease,

– Offworld Industries]]>
Squad Update v2.16 Release Notes https://squad-servers.com/blog/1225/squad-update-v216-release-notes/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1225/squad-update-v216-release-notes/ Tue, 17 May 2022 23:32 CEST

Attention Squaddies,

Tomorrow we are releasing Squad v2.16. This continues a series of more frequent updates, some of which are smaller in scope, to allow us to continually improve the Squad experience for our players.

V2.16 will be the fourth update to Squad this year (not including Hotfixes).

While there are dozens of improvements, fixes, and other changes in v2.16, the most prominent are the addition of three new vehicles for the Canadian Armed Forces faction, a INS emplacement Hell Cannon for the Insurgent faction, and the new Seeding Mode that will help Server Owners better populate Squad servers.

We’ve made a whole lot of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

Squad v2.16 will be released on Wednesday, May 18th at 18:00 UTC.

At ease,

- Offworld Industries


  • M113A3 APC (3 variants) - This is an older vehicle which saw some service in Afghanistan. This fills the gap for CAF in terms of a tracked troop transport.
  • M113A3 C6 Open Turret
  • M113A3 M2 Open Turret
  • M113A3 TLAV Enclosed Turret
  • LUVW Light Jeep (4 variants): - This light jeep is outfitted with an armour kit, giving it slightly more protection against small arms than for example an un-armoured logistics truck, but less armour than for example a MAT-V.
  • LUVW Transport Jeep
  • LUVW Logistics Jeep
  • LUVW C6 Jeep
  • LUVW M2 Jeep
  • CH-178 Transport Helicopter - Mi-17V5s were acquired by Canada during the Afghanistan War, used as a stopgap medium-lift helicopter while the RCAF sourced alternatives. This historical oddity is featured on a handful of layers set in Afghanistan.

  • Added a new INS emplacement – The Hell Cannon. This terrifying, home-made insurgent weapon launches an explosive-filled propane tank to devastate enemy positions.
  • Overhauled the Seed Game Mode.
  • Updated all Seed map layers to now have pre-placed forward FOBs and HABs. Pre-placed FOBs will have 10,000 ammo and 2000 construction points.
  • Removed weaponized emplacements for all seed map layers (exception for INS on Sumari Seed v2 and Tallil Seed v2 having access to the new Hell Cannon emplacement).
  • Updated the Seed Game Mode to start in a “Seeding Phase” ruleset and transition to a “Live Phase” ruleset when sufficient players have joined the server. See our blog post for more details on the new Seed Game Mode [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2022/05/16/introducing-squad-seeding/]LINK URL

  • Updated FOB Radio to have an increased ticket loss penalty of 20 tickets (was 10). Design Intention: to increase the incentive to defend FOBs, and attempt to address FOB spam, which is currently the predominant tactic for winning games.
  • Adjusted the INS Tire Fire deployable to now have an additional movement impairment directly in the center of the deployable, which should prevent infantry being able to run all the way through the blockade. Design Intention: Increase the viability of this barrier to impede enemy traversal.
  • Adjusted the INS Sapper Kit Role’s main weapon from the Mosin Carbine Bolt Action Rifle to the PPSH41 submachine gun. Design Intention: to give the INS Sapper an effective close and medium range weapon while relying on team members for longer range engagements.
  • Updated all CAF Kit Roles with a new, more authentic L83A1 smoke grenade, which is the CAF equivalent to M18 smoke grenade.
  • Updated AUS & CAF 3rd-person character model to remove the pistol model from Kit Roles that aren’t equipped with them, and added the missing 3rd-person pistol model on the Engineer 2 and Crewman Kit Roles.
  • Updated all AK family rifle reload SFX, to now use correct bolt moving SFX and improved mag in / mag out SFX.
  • Updated the AUS EF88 / F88 Rifle reloads to now use unique SFX.
  • Adjusted the AUS Maximi to be slightly louder when fired in close proximity.
  • Reduced the max audible range of the AUS ASLAV IFV’s engine SFX.
  • Adjusted the layout and text of Game Mode descriptions to be clearer for new players.
  • Adjusted the AUS MRH90 Helicopter collision model to now include the middle seats section.
  • Adjusted the HUD name for all factions’ Combat Engineer E-tool/Spade to include “Engineer” or “Sapper”. Design Intention: To give a clear indication that this shovel has unique properties vs normal shovels (can build / dig down deployables faster).
  • Adjusted the text for AUS weapon descriptions.
  • Updated the loading box splash screen artwork.

  • Fix attempt for the crash that gives an error regarding ASQTeamState.
  • Fix attempt for the crash related to the muted players cache.
  • Fix attempt for the issue where some players would see thick fog after swapping layers.
  • Fixed an issue with missing destruction SFX for light vehicle engines.
  • Updated the deployable camo netting to add a fallback colour, which should fix issues with the Landscape Renderer breaking camo netting under certain circumstances, like with the Fools Road black camo nets.
  • Fixed a legacy issue with infantry bipods, where deploying your bipod while simultaneously crouching could get you stuck in a permanent bipod state.
  • Fixed a visual issue with ADS peripheral blur, which was not getting removed when a player entered a vehicle or emplacement while in ADS.
  • Fixed a visual issue with some vehicle windows (ie. M-ATV) not showing RPG impact effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the AUS Observation Tower deployable’s camo netting collision unintentionally blocking projectiles.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the AUS PMV Armored Car, where the rear hatches passed damage to the hull – impacts to those hatches no longer pass damage to the hull, in line with other similar vehicle hatches.
  • Fixed AUS Squad Leaders missing Incendiary Grenades necessary for destroying Caches in the Insurgency Game Mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the AUS pistol costing 10 ammo points to rearm; it now costs 1 ammo point per mag, in line with other pistols.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the AUS MRH90 Helicopter’s exterior rotor SFX after exiting the pilot seat.
  • Fixed an issue with the AUS M1A1 MBT’s ammo not being removed when the ammo rack component was destroyed.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the AUS EF88 SL40 Rifle Smoke rounds having incorrect impact SFX.
  • Fixed a legacy UI issue with SPG-9 emplacements not having a map icon when unmanned.
  • Fixed a legacy visual issue where the arms visually broke when dry reloading the M240H Helicopter Door Gun.
  • Fixed a legacy visual issue with low texture quality on character models in the Role Loadout menu.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the GB SA330 Helicopter’s instrument panel flickering.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the AUS MRH90 Helicopter’s cockpit display not updating correctly on ultra-wide monitors.
  • Fixed a visual issue with AUS ASLAV APC’s wheel collision meshes when destroyed.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the AUS EF88 SL40 Rifle (Grenadier Kit Role) having rounds visible in the magazine during a “dry” reload animation.
  • Fixed an audio issue with MG shell casing SFX not being affected by the volume slider.
  • Fixed an issue for some special weapon skins icons (Veteran RPG7, Veteran RPG7v2, and Desert M4) so they now show the correct variants.
  • Fixed an issue with Kickstarter uniform patches not displaying correctly on 3p models of AUS and specific Woodland CAF soldiers.
  • Fixed a visual issue where some MEA and RU fortifications (HASCO blocks / walls) were filled with brown dirt instead of sand for desert biome assets.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the AUS PMV M2 RWS Armored Car used the incorrect map icon (“light jeep”). it now uses the correct map icon (“heavy jeep”).
  • Fixed a UI issue for the AUS EF88 Rifle’s description; it no longer lists the stats twice, and also shows the correct zeroing distance for the Spectre optic.
  • Fixed a typo with RUS and MEA artillery strike title and tooltip text so it correctly refers to it as being a 152mm caliber strike.
  • Fixed an issue with Discord rich presence not supporting CAF assets correctly, this affected Goose Bay, Manic-5 and the CAF faction flag.
  • Fixed an issue with Discord rich presence, where AUS & RUS factions were displayed as US.
  • Fixed an issue with Discord rich presence, so the Anvil map will now display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Anisotropic Filtering level was being misreported in the log file.

  • Updated all CAF map layers to include new vehicle distribution.
  • Added new map layer – Kohat RAAS v9.
  • Added new map layer – Goose Bay RAAS v2.
  • Updated Fallujah Seed v1 layout to now have 3 capture points.
  • Updated Tallil Seed v2 – Team 2 is now INS (was RUS), and CAF now gets LUVW jeeps (transport + logistics).
  • Updated Sumari Seed v2 – Team 2 is now INS (was RUS).
  • Updated all INS map layers to now include the Tire Fire deployable – each INS FOB can deploy up to 2 Tire Fire deployables.
  • Updated several INS map layers to include INS Ural 375 Transport Truck variant.
  • Al Basrah Seed v1 – Fixed MEA main base no-deploy zone being offset by around 80m to the south.
  • Al Basrah AAS v3 – Fixed Helicopters not being able to resupply at the AUS main base.
  • Fallujah Seed v1 & Tallil Seed v2 – Fixed map layer name not showing up correctly on the deploy screen / server browser.
  • Jensen’s Range v4 (CAF vs RUS) – Fixed RUS not having a MI8 Helicopter spawn and fixed RUS using INS HAB mesh.
  • Kohat RAAS v8 – Fix attempt for the AUS MRH90 helicopter exploding on the helipad.
  • [/list]

    • Added a configurable variable to vehicle turrets, to set the health level required for stabilizer to function. Default value is 0.5.
    • Added a system for Level Design to allow for ambient Jetovers on maps. JetFlyBy will spawn ambient planes that fly overhead of the geo map.
    • Made initial ammo & construction values on FOBs editable on instances, to allow customizing the amount of resources on pre-placed FOBs without additional components.
    • Adjusted the AUS PMV Mag58 Armored Car to include a LowCaliber tag.
    • Moved CAF faction setups to single use folder and updated them with standard delays & counts, deleted old legacy faction tables, counts & delays for these layers.
    • Added bRulesetEnabled flag and setters/getters for it into SQGameRuleset to allow for rulesets logic to be notified to enable or disable itself.
    • Added implementable events BPRulesetEnabled & BPRulesetDisabled to SQGameRuleSet, to allow blueprint child classes to react on being enabled or disabled in event-based fashion.
    • Modified GraphTicketComponent and GraphNodeBasedBleedComponent, allowing their logic to be turned on/off.
    • Modified Ruleset_Vehicle, to allow the ticket subtraction logic to be enabled/disabled using new ruleset enable/disable functionality.
    • Events OnPlayerJoined and OnPlayerRemoved on SQGameState exposed to blueprints
    • Added a TryGetDefaultObjectFor() helper function to SQBlueprintLibrary to get the default object for a certain class, with dynamic output type, to save some casting in blueprints.
    • Added TryGetRulesetsOfClass() helper function to SQGameMode, to get an array of currently active rulesets of a specified class, with dynamic output type to save some casting in blueprints.
    • Exposed RuleSets array in SQGameMode to blueprints as a read-only property
    • Made GetCustomServerSetting() helper function in SQBlueprintLibrary compatible with In-Editor server settings, accessible in Editor Preferences -> Play Squad -> Custom Options.
    • Added server-side helper functions to SQBlueprintLibrary to expand the ability to work with CustomOptions.cfg contents in blueprints:
    • GetCustomServerSettingAsInt()
    • GetCustomServerSettingAsFloat()
    • GetCustomServerSettingAsBool()
    • DoesCustomServerSettingExist()
    • Added new INS Ural 375 Transport Truck variant.
    • Reminder: Make sure your vehicles, turrets, vehicle weapons, and emplacements are using the new SQArmourMesh Component added in v2.15, or they may not receive damage properly.

    If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

    Squad v2.15 is Live Now https://squad-servers.com/blog/1224/squad-v215-is-live-now/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1224/squad-v215-is-live-now/ Wed, 13 Apr 2022 21:00 CEST

    Attention Squaddies,

    Squad’s v2.15 update is now live for players to download.

    For details on what’s in this latest update visit our Release Notes which we posted yesterday (LINK URL).

    To report any technical issues you might experience after updating to v2.15 please share them on our forums (LINK URL).

    The Australian Faction was originally developed by the modding organization Midnight Interactive Pty Ltd. Offworld purchased the mod and has spent many months fine-tuning the artwork and mechanics.

    Thank you for your attention.

    At ease,

    – Offworld Industries]]>
    SQUAD UPDATE V2.15 RELEASE NOTES https://squad-servers.com/blog/1223/squad-update-v215-release-notes/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1223/squad-update-v215-release-notes/ Tue, 12 Apr 2022 23:17 CEST

    Attention Squaddies,

    Squad v2.15 continues Squad’s new release cadence, with our team working to provide more frequent updates as we move forward. It is the third update of the year (not counting Hotfixes).

    The most obvious part of the v2.15 Update is the much anticipated release of the Australian Army. This light infantry focused faction has a Bullpup primary, and a unique Combat Engineer split to offer players expanded options on the field. Also a feature in v2.15 is improvements to FOB Deployables including new additions such as camouflage netting that will help conceal soldiers who are using the FOB for cover. The team has also updated and replaced most particle VFX with improved visual fidelity and major performance optimizations.

    We’ve made a host of other gameplay changes which are listed below in the Changelog, as well as addressed numerous bugs.

    Squad v2.15 will be released on Wednesday, April 13th at 19:00 UTC.


    • New Faction – Australia
    • Squad welcomes the folks from down under to the fight
    • Light infantry focused
    • Bullpup primary
    • Unique Combat Engineer split

    • Camouflage Pattern: AMCU (new)
    • Pistol: Hi power pistol MK3 (new)
    • Main Rifle (Non Magnified Optic): EF88 + Eotech 552 (new)
    • Main Rifle (Magnified Optic): EF88 + Elcan Specter 4x (new)
    • Grenadier: EF88 + SL40 UGL (new)
    • Designated Marksman (DMR): HK417 (new)
    • Light Machine Gun (LMG): F89 Minimi (new)
    • General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG): Maximi (new)
    • Hand Grenade: Australian F1 Frag (new)
    • Smoke Grenade: M18 (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • Timed Explosive: CompB Explosive (new)
    • Light Anti-Tank (LAT): M72 LAW (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • Heavy Anti-Tank (HAT): Carl Gustaf (Same as USA/CAF)
    • Crewman & Pilot: EF88C (new)
    • Knife: SOCP (new)
    • Binoculars: AUS Binoculars (new)

    • Logistics Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset)
    • Unarmed Transport Vehicle: HX60 (Retextured GB asset)
    • Armoured Car:
    • PMV Open Top Mag58 (new)
    • PMV Open Top 3x Mag58 (new)
    • PMV RWS M2 (new)
    • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV): ASLAV-25 (new)
    • Main Battle Tank (MBT): M1A1 Abrams (Modified USA asset)
    • Transport Helicopter:
    • MRH90 (new)
    • AUS UH60 (Retextured USA asset)

    • HMG: M2 Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • ATGM: BG71 TOW Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • Mortar: 81mm F2 Emplacement (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    Commander Assets

    • Commander CAS: F/A-18 Rocket Strike
    • Commander Artillery
    • 12 Cannon Salvo Circle (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • 12 Cannon Salvo Line (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    • Commander UAV: MQ-9 Reaper (Same as USA/GB/CAF)
    Map Layers for AUS
    1. Anvil AAS v1
    2. Anvil AAS v2
    3. Anvil Invasion v1
    4. Anvil Invasion v2
    5. Anvil RAAS v3
    6. Anvil RAAS v4
    7. Anvil Skirmish v1
    8. Anvil TC v1
    9. Al Basrah Invasion v3
    10. Al Basrah AAS v3
    11. Chora AAS v4
    12. Chora RAAS v3 – features old school F88 Rifles. 2 pre-captured flag, INS start with extra 40 tickets
    13. Fallujah Invasion v4
    14. Fallujah RAAS v4
    15. Fool’s Road RAAS v4
    16. Gorodok RAAS v7
    17. Gorodok RAAS v8 – INS/MIL begins with 2 flags pre-captured and starts with an extra 40 tickets
    18. Jensen’s Range v6
    19. Kamdesh AAS v1
    20. Kamdesh Insurgency v1
    21. Kamdesh Invasion v4
    22. Kamdesh Invasion v5
    23. Kamdesh Invasion v6
    24. Kamdesh RAAS v5
    25. Kamdesh RAAS v6 – new layout with 1 pre-captured flag.
    26. Kamdesh Skirmish v1
    27. Kamdesh TC v3
    28. Kohat AAS v3
    29. Kohat RAAS v8
    30. Kokan AAS v3
    31. Kokan RAAS v3
    32. Lashkar AAS v3
    33. Lashkar AAS v4
    34. Lashkar Invasion v2
    35. Lashkar RAAS v2
    36. Lashkar RAAS v3
    37. Lashkar Skirmish v1
    38. Lashkar TC v4
    39. Logar AAS v3
    40. Mutaha AAS v3
    41. Mutaha Invasion v3
    42. Mutaha RAAS v2
    43. Mutaha RAAS v3
    44. Sumari AAS v3
    45. Sumari Seed v2
    46. Tallil RAAS v5
    47. Tallil Invasion v4
    48. Yehorivka AAS v3
    49. Yehorivka RAAS v8

    Upgrade package for defensive deployables
    • Added camouflage nets to many deployables: Pillbox sandbags, HMG bunkers, HASCO bunkers, Indirect Fire Shelters, HABs. 
    Design Intention: This is intended to make it harder to spot soldiers using deployables for cover. One side of the camo netting appears semi-transparent up close, while the side facing the enemy is fully opaque. This is intended to make using these deployables more effective for defence, as well as offsetting the impact of the new muzzle flashes.
    • Added a new deployable - fortified HASCO Observation Tower for all conventional factions.
    Design Intention: This gives defending players the opportunity to deploy an elevated, protected position, which they can use as an observation and firing platform. Players could also use this as a corner-piece to connect with a larger network of defensive deployables like the HASCO walls, sandbags, HMG bunkers, etc. The primary purpose is to provide a camouflaged observation position with which a defensive player can monitor enemy movements without being seen, as well as a firing platform should they choose to engage.
    • Pros: Large amount of hit points and good viewing angles, with a protected entry way
    • Cons: Large Construction cost & build time, very exposed / prominent position which is easy to target with area effect weapons.

    • Added a new deployable – rickety wooden watchtower with camo nets for Militia.
    • Pros: Relatively small footprint with superior viewing angles for observation and fire support.
    • Cons: Very exposed / prominent position which is easy to target with area effect weapons.

    • Added a new experimental Tire Fire deployable for Insurgents.
    • Initial Limits: Limited to 2 per FOB. This experimental deployable is initially available on a limited selection of map layers:
    • Al Basrah AAS v2
    • Al Basrah Insurgency v1
    • Al Basrah Invasion v1
    • Al Basrah Invasion v2
    • Al Basrah RAAS v1
    • Al Basrah Skirmish v2
    • Anvil Invasion v1
    • Anvil Invasion v2
    • Sumari Invasion v1
    • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v1
    • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v3
    • CAF Mutaha Invasion v1
    Design Intention: This unique Insurgent deployable is intended to slow vehicles, cut off enemy routes, conceal travel routes, block sight lines, and create fear and chaos among the enemy.

    • Updated HABs, Sandbags, HASCOs and several other deployables to use biome-specific camouflage. Each faction’s deployables will have a different colour scheme depending on which biome the map belongs to: Forest, Desert, or Snow.
    • Unique Biome variations exist for:
    • NATO (USA, GB, CAF)
    • AUS
    • RUS
    • MEA
    Design Intention: This is intended to make deployables blend into the environment better, making them slightly harder to spot, especially from longer ranges and from the air.
    • Adjusted Deployables’ damage resistance against explosives, fragmentation, and HEAT. This is intended to make deployable fortifications more resilient.
    • Affects:
    • Sandbag walls
    • HESCO walls
    • HESCO blocks
    • HESCO bunkers
    • HMG Bunkers
    • HABs
    • Razor Wire
    Design Intention: This change is meant to make large fortified FOBs more viable in the face of mortars and Commander call-ins. While the ultimate solution will include changes to those offensive assets, buffing deployables should lead to more enjoyable defensive gameplay in the meantime.
    • Updated the HAB ghost placement mesh to include exit point indicators. Exit Indicators will change colour from green to red to indicate when an obstacle obstructs the arrow’s position, which is an indication that the doorway may be partially or completely blocked to players.
    • Updated and replaced most particle VFX with improved visual fidelity and major performance optimizations.
    • Updated and optimised deployable sandbag destruction FX.
    • Added a new Capture Rate Indicator to the HUD Flag Status widget (in the top right of the screen). Arrows will appear on the Capture Progress Bar to indicate how quickly the point is being captured or lost. Capture Speed Scaling was added in v2.14.
    Design Intention: Encourage squads to capture together, and make players aware of the benefits of having more people together on the point.
    • Updated flag capture rate scaling values. Capturing generally takes longer and the neutral flag capture rate variability is more obvious with 3 or fewer soldiers in the capture zone. Create Infographic with the information below:

    Design Intention: Encourage teamwork within and between squads by incentivizing capturing points en masse, and give squads a reason to stick together when back-capping on initial rollout. It should also improve pacing by encouraging more deliberate movement from flag to flag, and provide more strategic options on rollout. Overall this change should discourage rushing flags by increasing the chances of encountering a full squad on the point, rather than a lone enemy on back-cap duty.
    • Added a Depth of Field (DoF) effect. This draws focus to the action and enhances the look of visual effects.
    • Most noticeable when aiming down weapon sights, bipoded, using emplacements, or looking through a vehicle viewport.
    • The quality and performance cost of this effect are controlled by Post Process Quality. Setting it to Low will disable the effect altogether.
    • Overhauled the vehicle armour mesh system to now use a new simplified process for assigning VFX and SFX.
    • Updated the MIL/INS AK74 with 1P29 to once again have adjustable range zeroing from 100m out to 400m, in increments of 100m.
    • Updated all GB SUSAT-equipped infantry weapons to have adjustable range zeroing from 100m out to 600m, in increments of 100m.
    • Updated the vehicle explosion impact interior sound sets, adding 2 new sounds. This should alleviate the issue of a vehicle crew not being able to determine the severity of an impact (i.e. a UGL impact getting perceived the same as a Tandem rocket).
    • All UGL / Frags now use a new light impact sound.
    • All armor piercing projectiles use another set of piercing more destructive sounds. (APFSDS rounds etc.)
    • All tank rounds are using the existing sounds that you’ve heard.
    • Updated CAF Commander CAS to now use CF-18 rocket strike.
    • Updated the Standard Lighting so FX emissive bloom can be adjusted by material instance brightness where needed.
    • Updated the game mode legend descriptions and server browser tooltip text to be more rapidly digestible and easy to understand.
    • Adjusted Combat Engineer Kit Role inventory razorwire to have the half built state with a single row of knee-high wire (Same as FOB razorwire).
    • Adjusted deployable Razor Wire (FOB+Infantry) to no longer have any player or vehicle collision on the stakes at any build state..
    • Adjusted the rotation speed of open turrets and emplacements using keyboard and mouse input.
    • Added WASD input zoom sensitivity scaling to open top vehicle turrets and emplacements.
    • Adjusted the MEA BRDM-2, MEA BMP-2, MEA BMP-1, MEA Ural-4320 & RUS Woodland BMP-2 hull textures to improve the resolution on small details like the lamp, turret cloth and track wheels.
    • Adjusted the Mi8/Mi17 Helicopter’s default ammo/construction cargo split from 750/750 to 900 ammo / 600 construction.
    • Adjusted all AR/MG Kit role minimum magazine count. No kit will have more than 100 rounds if they respawn with an empty kit. The only exceptions are the MIL AR kit with FN Minimi and CAF AR kit with C9, which uses 200-round belts. Most AR/MG kits should now have only 1 magazine/belt when spawning with an empty kit. Exception is RUS AR kits with RPK-74, which should spawn with 2x 45 round magazines (90 rounds in total).
    • Adjusted the CAF Arid and Woodland team selection images to reflect the most up to date character and weapon models.
    • Fixed an issue where players occasionally would have very thick fog after switching to a new map layer.
    • Fixed a common Server crash related to SQMapMarkerManager.
    • Fixed a long-standing issue with RAAS fog of war, which was unintentionally hiding lost and “double neutral” flags. Now on RAAS map layers, all flags should stay visible for members of a team at all times after they were discovered by that team. A “lock” icon will appear over a capture zone when a team cannot currently affect the flag state anymore (in a double-neutral situation). The capture progress bar will also be hidden to indicate the flag is no longer valid to capture.
    • Fixed a long-standing UI issue with the diamond-shaped flag state indicator on the map, where the indicator was incorrectly blinking even when neither team was capturing the flag, giving players an incorrect impression about the current capture situation.
    • Fixed several issues with the peripheral vision ADS Blur for infantry weapons:
    • Fixed ADS blur harsh cut transitions when toggling between ADS and hipfire. The effect now smoothly fades in and out.
    • Optimization: Blur shader no longer costs performance when not in ADS.
    • Applied subtle ADS peripheral vision blur to some remaining weapons which did not yet have it.
    • Increased intensity of peripheral vision blur when using zoom optics.
    • Fixed an issue with the minimap on all maps which support helicopters (using soft map boundary), the minimap appeared more dim/darker than intended.
    • Fixed an issue with dithered temporal AA glass shaders.
    • Fixed a visual issue with the vehicle HUD, where a vehicle’s destroyed turret component indicator would incorrectly display that the turret stabilisation was still active, even though the turret was disabled and therefore stabilisation was disabled.
    • Fixed an issue with Graphic settings to ensure contact shadows are always on for low and medium shadow quality.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with pilots getting excessively harsh team kill penalties in relation to crashing helicopters with multiple passengers. Corrected the helicopter pilot’s penalty to now only be counted as a single suicide penalty when crashing a helicopter, regardless of the amount of passengers involved.
    • Fixed an audio issue where double hit sounds would play for soldiers.
    • Fixed an issue with the vehicle driver smoke generator, where the smoke was invisible to the driver.
    • Fixed an issue with the RUS/MEA Kord HMG emplacement’s stadiametric rangefinder not having accurate markings.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the GB FV107 Tracked Recon wreck mesh LOD.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the RUS Kamaz 5350 Truck where infantry were unable to fire while prone in the truck bed.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the Destruction game mode legend’s text not fitting on 16:9 aspect ratio without scrolling. Adjusted the text to be scrollable along with images for aspect ratios which require scrolling. Clarified the requirement for Combat Engineer explosives.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue of character’s backpacks getting awkwardly crunched down in 3p by adjusting soldier prone pitch up and pitch down 3p poses.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the USA HAT MAAWS having a slight gap in the reticle.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with proportions on the CAF and MEA static flags.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the viewport texture on the RUS woodland BMP-2.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the Militia Heavy Machine gunner having a broken lip that stretched out the back of his neck.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the M240 Helicopter Door Gun’s muzzle flash not moving with the gun.
    • Added new map layer: Goose Bay Invasion v3 – USA vs RUS, dim twilight lighting scenario with very large capture zones.
    • Added new map layer: Narva Invasion v3 – USA vs RUS, using a unique flag lattice with under-utilised Points of Interest.
    • Added a new map layer: Sumari Seed v2 – AUS vs RUS, clone of Sumari Seed v1.
    • Belaya – Updated Belaya to use a new landscape renderer.
    • Fallujah RAAS v1 – Adjusted vehicle layout, removing MEA Simir Kornet, replaced with BMP2 IFV.
    • Fallujah – Fixed a few locations in sewers that still allowed deployables to be placed – intention is to disallow all deployables in the sewers.
    • Fallujah – Updated the sewer entrances with blocking volumes for vehicles only, to prevent motor bikes from glitching into sewers.
    • Fallujah – Fixed a detached wall segment at grid G5-3-2.
    • Fallujah – Fixed an issue with train cars in the north-west of Fallujah having several issues with their LODs, allowing players to see through parts of the assets.
    • Goose Bay – Fixed various floating grass.
    • Goose Bay – Adjusted minimap brightness.
    • Gorodok – Fixed various floating grass: grids F6-1-2, H4-1-4, F7-7-8, C12-8-3.
    • Infantry Tutorial – Updated to include the AUS faction on the soldier and vehicle identification board.
    • Kamdesh RAAS v4 – Fixed respawn time of an MEA MTLB 6MA (was incorrectly 10 seconds, now 6 minutes).
    • Kokan – Adjusted all Kokan map layers to remove the ability to become Commander.
    • Narva – Adjusted Narva mid day lighting.This lighting should now have more balanced colour temperature and wider contrast.
    • Narva Destruction v1 – Fixed USA not having enough vehicle spawners for all vehicles to spawn at start.
    • Narva Destruction v1 – Fixed an issue where USA is not team1, which could result in the same team playing the same faction 2 maps in a row.
    • Fixed an issue with the crash reporter not running for server builds, therefore not reporting crashes or ensures. This will now be enabled by default on all server platforms and will aid in gathering information to address the critical Linux crash issues.
    • Added a BP tool that allows media creation by loading a weapon mesh with all the attachments associated – BP_Weapons_Marketing
    • Updated mod major version from 2 to 3.
    • Overhauled the vehicle armour mesh system to now use a new simplified process for assigning VFX and SFX.
    • If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

    The Australian Faction was originally developed by the modding organization Midnight Interactive Pty Ltd. Offworld purchased the mod and has spent many months fine-tuning the artwork and mechanics.

    At ease,

    - Offworld Industries]]>
    SQUAD V2.14 Live Now https://squad-servers.com/blog/1222/squad-v214-live-now/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1222/squad-v214-live-now/ Wed, 02 Mar 2022 20:05 CET

    Greetings Squaddies,

    With the v2.14 Update we wanted to focus on returning Squad to a more regular update cadence, with smaller updates. While we still have larger content updates on the horizon, we want to keep a steady stream of improvements and refinements coming to Squad.

    A notable change in v2.14 is adjustments to the construction point cost of some deployable fortifications. The main focus however is on bug fixes both to the game and to specific maps. The Squad team is continuing to look for ways to improve the game’s performance, but that was not a focus for v2.14 and no specific performance updates are included in the release.


    System & Gameplay Updates
    • Added a BTR80 APC variant for the INS faction with Insurgent desert camo scheme. This vehicle for now has been added to one map layer: CAF Al Basrah Invasion v3.
    • Updated Razor Wire to now prevent vaulting over the posts without taking damage. Also added a lower roll of razor wire to the half built state. This allows for razor wire to be hidden in tall grass to help slow down/damage/funnel advancing enemy infantry. Note: Combat Engineer Kit Role inventory placed razor wire does not yet reflect this change.
    • Adjusted the construction point cost of several deployable fortifications:
    • Razor wire: 25 to 20
    • Sandbag Wall: 50 to 40
    • Sandbag Wall with Murderhole: 50 to 40
    • Sandbag Crescent Wall: 50 to 40
    • HASCO Wall: 400 to 300
    • HASCO Bunker: 300 to 250
    • HASCO HMG Bunker: 450 to 350

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a Client Crash that occurred upon launching Squad, this was related to MaterialQuality, caused by uniform layout mismatch.
    • Fixed an issue with Low Textures graphic settings causing excessively blurred iron sight weapons (due to mips).
    • Fixed an issue with ADS blur not working on the outside of the optic on all scoped infantry weapons. Further adjustments to this blur are pending.
    • Fixed an issue with the new Restriction Zones used on 2 seed layers: Tallil Seed v2 and Al Basrah Seed v1. Vehicles had an unintended infinite invulnerability buff upon entering the Restriction Zone.
    • Fixed an issue with deployable Indirect Fire Shelters having no “per FOB” limit - they’re now limited to 3 IFS per FOB.
    • Fixed an issue with deployable Hesco Bunkers counting towards the limit of Indirect Fire Shelters per FOB.
    • Fixed an issue with the CAF C8A3 Iron Sights alignment being ever so slightly misaligned.
    • Fixed an issue with Invasion game mode, where no capture notification would appear.

    Map Updates & Bug Fixes
    • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v3 – Adjusted vehicle/emplacement availability for both teams to lean more in favor of attackers.
    • CAF Adjustments
    • Removed CAF ability to place TOW emplacements.
    • Removed 1x CAF LAV6 IFV.
    • Increased delay for CAF Leo2 MBT.
  • INS Adjustments
  • Added x2 BTR80 APCs.
  • Reduced number of special Technicals.
  • Reduced number of BMP1.
  • Replaced two Technical Logi’s with Ural Logi’s.
  • [/i]
  • Jensen’s Range – Fixed an issue with the killhouse completed event getting triggered at inappropriate times due to the trigger collision clipping into part of the killhouse course.
  • CAF Manic-5 RAAS v2 – Adjusted MIL to have extra tickets, set one flag as pre-capped at round start for MIL, added BTR80 & Ural ZU23 to MIL, added delay for CAF MBT.
  • Mutaha RAAS v1 – fixed an issue with multiple CPs preventing leaning due to incorrect collision preset.
  • Skorpo – Adjusted the colour of the reed foliage. Reeds appeared to glow due to materials with excessive subsurface brightness.
  • [/list]

    • Fixed floating rocks at grids B9-6-7 and H10-6-2.
    • Fixed a floating road at grid K4-5-6.
    • Fixed an issue with FOB's and Rally Points that could be glitched inside a barn roof at grid J2-1-3.
    • Fixed an issue with a staircase with an inverted collision at grid G2-1-4.
    • Fixed a bridge that was elevated above the road at grid J2-3-1
    • Fixed floating grass at grids F7-7-8 and E7-2-6
    • Fixed rocks with no back face at grids B12-8-8 and B9-5-9

    • Tallil - Fixed an issue with the concrete walls surrounding the Soviet Airfield POI culling too early. They should now cull at 1km with more optimized LODs.
    • Tallil - Fixed an issue with a water puddle near the Al Khidir water tower having no water footstep SFX.
    • Tallil - Fixed an issue with Z flickering on multiple hangar door number decals at the Destroyed Hangar objective.

    • Fixed floating grass at grid N14-3-9.
    • Fixed an issue with a tunnel which allowed players to see under the map at grid I14-4-9.
    • Fixed floating rock at grid L15-6-9.
    • Fixed weird looking angular terrain at grid J12-7-3.
    • Fixed a section of barbed wire fence missing the end post at grid L17-5-7.
    • Fixed an issue with river grasses and cattails appearing to have a very low quality mesh.
    • Yehorivka RAAS v5 - Fixed CP’s being offset from their actual locations for some players .
    • Fixed CAF Yeho RAAS v4 RU helipads tilted.
    • CAF Yehorivka RAAS v2 - Fixed RUS main base protection zone not working correctly.
    • CAF GooseBay RAAS v1 - Fixed RUS tank spawners clipping with each other, causing issues with tank spawns.

    Clear Cache to resolve residual issues
    If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.]]>
    Squad v2.13 Hotfix https://squad-servers.com/blog/1220/squad-v213-hotfix/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1220/squad-v213-hotfix/ Mon, 14 Feb 2022 23:57 CET

    Dear Squaddies,

    Today we are releasing Squad Hotfix v2.13, which specifically aims to address some of the performance drops that players have reported following the v2.12 Update. 

    Shortly after the release of last week’s Update (Link URL[joinsquad.com]) we began seeing reports of players experiencing a decrease in performance and frames-per-second. Seeing these reports appearing across various community channels, we began an investigation of which you can learn more here (LINK URL[joinsquad.com]).

    Thanks in large part to help from players who worked with us and shared their experiences with us, we were able to get a number of potential fixes into a test branch of Squad and provide that to select members of our community who had volunteered to assist. Testers saw improvements in performance, and we continued work over the weekend.

    At this point we believe that we have a Hotfix that should improve performance for some of the players experiencing problems. We want to issue a heart-felt thank you to those that were willing to provide us with detailed technical feedback surrounding their experiences with 2.12. We realize that it can be very frustrating when a release degrades your playing experience, and this kind of detailed feedback helps us to investigate issues and resolve them at a faster or more successful rate. Again, thank you! 

    We will continue to monitor and investigate player reports, and have set up a new Google Form (LINK URL[forms.gle]) for players to share with us their performance after playing a few matches on v2.13, either good or bad. The team will continue to look into ways to improve Squad's overall performance, and based on player feedback and the results of our investigation we will look at potential further fixes.

    We realize that this has been a frustrating experience for many of our players, particularly those that have found Squad unplayable since Wednesday’s Update. We appreciate your continued support, and your patience shown as we worked to solve these issues.

    - Offworld Industries

    Release Notes


    • Improved performance by optimizing the Shadows System, especially on Low and Medium settings. Adjusted low and medium shadow scalability to lean more heavily on cheaper contact shadows to increase performance.
    • Fixed an issue on Fallujah which caused poor performance due to shadow render distance being in excess of what was intended.
    • Fixed an issue with specific foliage assets on Gorodok, Mestia & Yehorivka causing excessive performance loss, especially in sunset/sunrise lighting.
    • Fixed an issue with Ambient Occlusion not working properly, this fix will be most apparent in interior spaces.

    Known Issues / Troubleshooting
    • If you are still experiencing performance issues after updating to v2.13, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE”.
    • If after the v2.13 Hotfix you still have performance issues, try experimenting with the Graphics settings menu. Settings which have the biggest performance impact will be Shadow Quality and Tessellation. We believe that the Medium preset is the best compromise between visual quality and performance for most players. 
    • If you are playing on Low Preset and are bothered by excessive flickering/dithering on shadows, foliage, and road shoulders, try setting Anti-Aliasing quality to Medium or above, and increase sample size to 8 or more. This can decrease the issue with minimal performance impact compared to the Low preset. 
    • On Anvil, Chora, and Mutaha a specific tree type will show a line into the sky at certain ranges.
    • After playing a few games on v2.13 we would appreciate it if you reported your performance via our Google Form to let us know what your  experience has been with this Hotfix (LINK URL[forms.gle]).
    Squad v2.12 Framerate Investigation https://squad-servers.com/blog/1218/squad-v212-framerate-investigation/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1218/squad-v212-framerate-investigation/ Fri, 11 Feb 2022 19:09 CET
    With this week's release of v2.12 yesterday, we’ve seen some players report concerns surrounding performance. We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has submitted their feedback via this form (LINK URL[forms.gle]), and encourage you to continue to do so. This drop in performance is leading either to a poorer experience in the game, or in many cases with players finding Squad unplayable.

    We understand the frustration any player experiencing a drop in performance is facing, and wanted to ensure you all know our team is actively investigating this matter.

    At this point we are continuing to delve into the underlying problems that may be causing this. The information that we have received from a large number of players who have taken the time to share their system specifications and performance experience with us has gone a long way to giving us a starting point for the work ahead, and we are thankful for their support and patience.

    On that note, as we continue to dig into the technical underpinnings of this downgraded performance, additional information from the community would be appreciated. The best way players can help us is to continue to use the reporting form above. For those with more technical know-how and the time to assist even further, we’ve got an additional ask:

    Please continue to leave your feedback on our forums and as well as continuing to share your v2.12 performance via our this form (Link URL[forms.gle]).

    Thank you for your continued support,

    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Squad v2.12 Is Live Now https://squad-servers.com/blog/1216/squad-v212-is-live-now/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1216/squad-v212-is-live-now/ Wed, 09 Feb 2022 20:01 CET
    Squad's v2.12 update is now live for players to download.

    For details on what's in this latest update visit our Release Notes which we posted yesterday (LINK URL[joinsquad.com]).

    For more information about the intentions and goals of v2.12 take a look at our Release Blog (Link URL[joinsquad.com]).

    To report any technical issues you might experience after updating to v2.12 please share them on our forums (LINK URL[forums.joinsquad.com]).

    Thank you for your attention.

    At ease,

    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Squad v2.12 Release Blog https://squad-servers.com/blog/1213/squad-v212-release-blog/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1213/squad-v212-release-blog/ Wed, 09 Feb 2022 01:30 CET
    Tomorrow we will be launching Squad’s newest update - v2.12. You can read the Release Notes here (LINK URL[joinsquad.com]) to get a preview of the hundreds of changes, improvements, bug fixes, and gameplay features that will soon refine your Squad experience.

    This release has been Squad’s most thoroughly tested release, with initial playtests starting in August of 2021, and culminating in a two week playtest over the holidays at the end of the year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who participated in these playtests, as your feedback, experiences, and participation helped us identify issues with the release, improve the final update and make Squad an all-around better game. Throughout the process player feedback and participation has been vital.

    The Release Notes talk more about the design intention of v2.12, and how we felt that updating the game’s Lightning and Shadows would not only provide significant visual improvements to how Squad looks, but also would provide new dimensions for how it plays offering a more real world experience. We’ve also focused on adding gameplay features that we feel will allow players to expand their tactical options, and play Squad with new strategies in mind.

    As we’ve previously indicated we understand that our community has high expectations for Squad, and that your love of the game makes it so you’re anxious for more updates, more content, and more communication.

    We are excited to finally be releasing 2.12 and know that you’ve been waiting for it awhile now. Since the Lighting and Shadows overhaul touched on so many core parts of Squad, testing, and finaling this update took longer than we had expected. Further there were performance concerns raised with systems that are below Squad’s minimum specifications, and while we develop to ensure that the game is workable at the min spec we understand that many players are in fact playing on systems below this. 

    All of this meant that we needed to take some extra time with this update, hoping to minimize issues created. 

    It is still possible that we will need to do further updates to address issues that are discovered post release, and we already have a list of Known Issues that are included in the Release Notes. No update is ever perfect, and having our large and active community all playing the update live will reveal things that no amount of playtesting or QA will have been able to catch. However thanks to your assistance in our playtests, we hope that we have minimized any potential issues.

    As always please provide your feedback after playing Squad’s 2.12 Update on our forums (Link URL[forums.joinsquad.com]). If you experience any issues with the latest update please post on our forums (LINK URL[forums.joinsquad.com]) or contact our Support Team (Link URL[offworldindustries.zendesk.com]).Everyone on the Squad team would like to thank our players for their continued support. We can’t wait to share more details on what else we’re working on in the coming weeks.


    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Squad Update v2.12 Release Notes https://squad-servers.com/blog/1214/squad-update-v212-release-notes/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1214/squad-update-v212-release-notes/ Wed, 09 Feb 2022 01:24 CET

    Greetings Squaddies,

    Squad’s v2.12 Update has been in development for a considerable amount of time here at Offworld Industries and the entire development team is excited for you to get your hands on it and finally experience it in the live game! For more on the development and challenges we faced with this update see our pre-launch blog post (LINK URL). As was noted earlier today we have discovered an exploit in Squad and while we believe we have it fixed in v2.12 there is a small chance that it might slightly delay the update's release. We will keep you informed if this happens.

    An Overhaul of Squad’s Visuals

    V2.12’s primary focus was on bringing improvements to Squad’s visuals, making for an all around better looking game, as well as adding new gameplay and tactical opportunities for our players based only on the higher quality visuals alone. We have completely reworked the game’s handling of dynamic shadows. Standard and Far Shadows have been replaced with more optimized Cascade Shadow Maps. We have managed to make the new system up to ten times more efficient than the old Far Shadows system. This work can have a significant effect on gameplay as Tallil shadows now render out to 1km at all graphics settings which ensures that Low settings no longer give a significant competitive advantage for spotting targets.

    The update also brings an overhaul of how the game handles lighting. The development team focused on creating more physically accurate parameters for outdoor lighting, achieving brighter highlights, deeper shadows, greater contrast, and providing more accurate colour.

    With improved shadows and lighting also comes updates to the Graphics Settings Menu. We have overhauled the graphics scalability settings for Shadows and Ambient Occlusion. Please note that the associated quality and performance tradeoffs have similarly changed. Players may want to try adjusting their Shadows and Ambient Occlusion Graphics settings for this update. We also added a “Shaders” Graphics Settings section which currently will primarily affect the complexity of the Landscape allowing lower-end hardware more performance options.

    The final graphical update to pay particular attention to in v2.12 is that the team has worked to improve the visibility of muzzle flashes which will help make spotting enemies less difficult. We felt that this was necessary to offset the lighting and foliage changes, which can make spotting enemies more difficult. Our design intent is to allow for camouflage and cautious movement to be effective, but without excessively inhibiting other players' situational awareness once a firefight begins.

    Gameplay Improvements

    Squad’s v2.12 update also brings a host of additions, improvements, and changes to the game’s gameplay experience. We have updated the capture speed to scale with the number of players. Capture speed will be shortened if one team has significantly more players in the point than the other team. Here the intention is to encourage more strategic options, especially during the early stages in a round and during "Double Neutral'' scenarios.

    Also updated is the "Buddy Boost" feature, with a focus on making it easier to use. Allowing a soldier to climb on top of another soldier to boost over a wall, we removed the force which previously prevented players from standing on each other's heads. The system is limited to only one player being able to stand on another at a time, to prevent giant towers of players The Squad team's focus here was to reward players who move and work together to overcome obstacles, encouraging and rewarding players who move in closer proximity and work as a squad rather than as individuals. 

    Another gameplay change to note is that soldier stamina will no longer regenerate while vaulting and climbing, with stamina regeneration paused during these activities.

    Map Overhauls

    V2.12 also features extensive overhauls to some existing maps with Yehorivka and Gorodok getting significant updates including lighting updates and new geographic features.

    The full Release Notes for v2.12 are below, and we encourage that you take the time to look for them, to get the full scope of what the Squad development team has been working on.

    As always please provide your feedback after playing Squad’s v2.12 Update on our forums (Link URL[forums.joinsquad.com]). If you experience any issues with the latest update please contact our Support Team (Link URL[offworldindustries.zendesk.com]).


    For the complete Changelog for Squad v2.12 please visit our blog [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2022/02/08/squad-update-v2-12-release-notes/]LINK URL[/url]].]]>
    Squad Soundtrack FLAC Files Restored https://squad-servers.com/blog/1210/squad-soundtrack-flac-files-restored/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1210/squad-soundtrack-flac-files-restored/ Thu, 27 Jan 2022 20:21 CET

    Attention Squaddies!

    Recently it was brought to our attention that the lossless FLAC files for the Squad Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 & 2 had been removed from the Steam Store [[url=https://store.steampowered.com/app/453400/Squad__Original_Soundtrack_Vol_1__2/]URL Link[/url]]. This was preventing owners of the soundtrack from downloading the highest quality version of their music. These files have now been restored!

    We would like to thank ‘Smugsie’ on the Squad Community Discord [[url=https://discord.gg/UgNsG3wwzJ]URL Link[/url]] for bringing this to our attention.

    For those not familiar with the game’s soundtrack it was composed by Scott Tobin and has received a lot of acclaim from our player base – we definitely suggest you check it out! At the time of the soundtrack’s initial release [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2016/04/29/original-soundtrack-vol-1/?swcfpc=1]URL Link[/url]] Scott spoke a bit about his inspiration for the music:

    “I knew from the beginning that Squad was going to be something very special. The team’s philosophy on creating Squad’s gameplay is very unique and specific from any other games in its field. This soundtrack is very much inspired by my love for ambient music, video game soundtracks, and modern film soundtracks. This was a personal choice but also a creative choice in order to capture the emotion and feeling behind Squad.”

    If you’ve already purchased the Squad Soundtrack you can download the lossless FLAC version now. If you haven’t picked it up yet it’s on Steam [[url=https://store.steampowered.com/app/453400/Squad__Original_Soundtrack_Vol_1__2/]URL Link[/url]].]]>
    An update on Squad's Roadmap https://squad-servers.com/blog/1208/an-update-on-squad-s-roadmap/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1208/an-update-on-squad-s-roadmap/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 20:50 CET

    Hello Squaddies!

    At the end of 2021 our focus had been on improving our communication with our players, and we want to continue that into 2022. Now that is a two way street, and it requires us to listen as much as talk, and so we’ve been listening to your concerns. Out of everything you’ve said the most commonly raised issue is our out-of-date Roadmap!

    It is fair to say that the current public Roadmaps that we have provided, and yes there are two of them, have long ago ceased to be useful. While they were well intentioned, they were at best overly optimistic in their target dates. This resulted in us “breaking off more than we could chew”, or overpromising and underdelivering to you our players.

    It’s just as clear to us as it is to you that something needs to be done and we wanted to let you know that it's one of our main priorities. There are essentially two main things we need to finalize before we’re able to present you with a new Roadmap.

    • Create a new visual format: We’ve done a static illustrated Roadmap in the past, which looks slick and is the kind of thing that marketing departments get really excited about. The problem is that it was hard to update and when things changed, as they are likely to do during development, it was cumbersome to make manual changes. We want us to update a Roadmap to take away from actual development, and so whatever we decide on has to be something that is easy to keep up-to-date.
    • Confirm what we can first share as part of the new roadmap: The intention is that all of our outstanding announced content (V2.12, US Marines, Australian Faction, Pan Asia Faction) will be released, and our wider development team is currently deep in planning to determine updated and realistic timelines for this content. Part of this process will be informed by the experience our new CEO Vlad Ceraldi brings to the table. If you missed our announcement about Vlad joining us, you can find that post here (URL LINK[joinsquad.com]). Part of this timeline is also impacted by a few unexpected technical challenges that arose with the upcoming 2.12 release. While we wish this update would have had a much smoother release, we are grateful to all of our playtesters who have helped to identify bugs that can only be established via mass gameplay.

    Now we have decided a few things about the Roadmap so far, and wanted to share those with you at this stage before it’s introduced to help set expectations.

    Update Frequency: We are aiming to update the Roadmap once every two months. Even if nothing significant has happened in the interim, we at least want to share that everything that we have laid out on it remains accurate.

    • No Dates: One of the lessons from the previous attempts at a Roadmap is that we have not been great at hitting our own estimated dates.  When we first launched the Roadmap, we made a point to emphasize that dates can and likely would shift - yet we still found ourselves getting too specific, and even with this warning we witnessed too much frustration with changes. Going forward, the Roadmap will focus more on presenting a Release Order and a set of priorities. Release dates for content will be communicated much closer to their actual release, so don’t worry we’re not going to sneakily update the game with a new faction without you noticing. Ultimately though experience has shown us that communicating dates too early in the development process only leads to broken promises.
    • Other Communication Touchpoints: We will continue to engage through our social channels, and elsewhere within our community. We are also looking at other methods to keep communication flowing between Roadmap updates, so that you’re kept better informed of what’s happening behind the scenes at Offworld Industries. These will include our Developer Q&As which we started last year, a planned resumption of the Squad Chat Streams later this year, Server Spotlights, monthly Wrench Mod Features, and other ideas. Our goal here is to avoid long periods of radio silence while we’re developing the game. Some of these initiatives are on hold until we can hire a new Community Manager to replace Krispy.

    We understand that with the precedent of the previous Roadmap attempts you might have expected our next Roadmap to include the dates, and be updated on a more frequent basis. However, given that both previous Roadmaps ended with missed deadlines, and were not updated as frequently as promised we think that this time a more conservative approach is needed. While we will make mistakes we can also try our best to avoid repeating the same ones again, and again. Our aim is to not return to the complete lack of transparency that predated the first iteration of our Roadmap, and to instead iterate further and shift our approach in a manner that makes the most amount of sense for our team.

    We know that you’re all anxious for the new Roadmap, and we’re anxious to be able to share with you our priorities and what we’re working on! For now all we can ask is for your patience, as we work towards getting that to you.


    - The Offworld Industries Team]]>
    Meet Vlad Ceraldi Offworld Industries' New CEO https://squad-servers.com/blog/1207/meet-vlad-ceraldi-offworld-industries-new-ceo/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1207/meet-vlad-ceraldi-offworld-industries-new-ceo/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 02:07 CET

    Greetings Squaddies!

    Today is an exciting day here at Offworld Industries as we’re introducing our new CEO to the world! We’d like everyone in the Squad community to give a warm welcome to game industry veteran Vlad Ceraldi who is joining the team and bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from Canadian studios like Radical Entertainment, Hothead Games, and Silicon Knights to help us level up here at OWI.

    Since the departure of our previous CEO Offworld has been led by a committee of our executive team and we are looking forward to Vlad helping to guide the studio’s strategic vision and improve our efforts across the board.

    While we could wax on about Vlad’s qualities, trying to butter up the new boss, it’s probably best to let him say a few things to our players about what he’s excited about as he joins OWI!

    “Offworld’s independent origins mirrors my own in so many ways that I felt an immediate kinship with the studio and I am already having a ton of fun. The studio is filled with a lot of great talent and we have some exciting things in the works for our players. We have a lot of work to do but we have a great year ahead. I look forward to helping the company deliver fun new experiences for our Squad community, and overcoming some of the challenges the team faced last year.”

    Now things aren’t going to change overnight here at OWI. Squad is not going to suddenly become an open world sports management simulator or a 2D platformer. With Vlad at the helm OWI is going to continue to grow, as our new CEO helps to guide strategic vision, and improve our processes across the board as we continue to develop new content for Squad, new titles, and beyond!

    The future of Squad, and Offworld is looking bright, as we move forward in 2022 with purpose and passion!We hope to see you on the front lines!

    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Squad Server Spotlight - January 2022 https://squad-servers.com/blog/1205/squad-server-spotlight-january-2022/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1205/squad-server-spotlight-january-2022/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 20:04 CET
    It’s Jenny here, the Server Licensing Manager at Offworld Industries, with another Server Spotlight. Now you might be asking yourself what exactly is a Server Spotlight, well this is a chance for me to highlight some of the great community run Servers that help provide amazing experience for Squad players from around the world! Hopefully after reading about some of these great servers, you’ll want to check them out for your next game! 

    Whether they are old or new, it's always good to highlight the fantastic stuff our established Server Owners are doing every day.


    Started with the community in mind, Enclave is a Server that wants to ensure that their players can voice their opinions and be heard! Here player opinions can directly influence gameplay. From the start, the Enclave community has grown through the influence of its members. The server staff welcome all types of players from any background, experienced players, new players, and those all the way throughout that spectrum, giving them a chance to enjoy the game and to be part of the Enclave community.

    Link: Discord (URL Link)[discord.gg]

    Jenny's Notes: I recently visited this server and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there. The atmosphere is welcoming and engaging, while the admins continue to support their players within their community. I did join one of the admins’ squad and they clearly explained to their squad what they will be doing and offered support to new players. I highly recommend visiting this server, just to hear Commander Bear's Helicopter speech, which is as fun as it is informative.

    BaD: Broken as Designed

    With experience over the years in various online gaming communities - the team behind the BaD: Broken as Designed Server have been involved in many great organizations. Wanting to build one that could really last the test of time they built from their collective experiences, apply the good, and create a welcoming space for all.  [BaD]'s primary goal, their only goal really, is to serve as a place for folks to gather, be themselves, and play games.

    The team at BaD hope that their name, "Broken as Designed", conveys the nature of their community.  Perhaps a little more relaxed than true "mil-sim" (as an example, they do not have ranks  and all of their members are equal).  Perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Plus, being competitive at heart, they find that  it's always fun winning while having "bad" in their tags.

    Link: http://www.brokendiscord.com

    Jenny's Notes: I really enjoyed this server, while I was on it the admins jumped into squads supporting new players. Helping the newer players they explained how to use their mics and how to type while in the game. All of the players were very engaged in the game with admins and experienced members from this community working alongside new players. I highly recommend visiting this server.

    The 8th Infantry 'The Fighting Eagles' [8.FE]

    Created in Jun 2019, this community was started by two friends who had very quickly grown to love the game of Squad!

    The pair met many new people through playing the game and their time in Squad  reached a point where it became more than just friends playing together and morphed into a tight knit community that aims to attract players with a compelling playstyle, camaraderie, and the server community’s ability to play the game in a serious manner while also having fun. Before the friends knew it, they had gained enough members to warrant giving their community a name! Wanting to honour the US 8th Infantry Division ‘Pathfinders’ they chose the server’s name.

    On The 8th Infantry everyone has a part to play, there are so many ways to play the game and in so many other games teamwork is an option that is not always necessary. In Squad your shooting ability is not everything, A good medic supporting his squad is more important to the team than a great marksman any day.

    The team behind the [8 FE] server also enjoy the Squad clan community as a whole, priding themselves on having good relations with fellow clans and communities as well as participating in squad community events.

    The Eagles are a mix of young and old, serving and non-serving, all races, creeds and religions, experienced players and people who have just bought the game.

    What makes this community amazing is their sense of family, they believe in looking after their own, their community is a place of betterment, encouragement and enjoyment, Not just in Squad but in all walks of life.

    The admin team commits to seeding every Thursday and Sunday, with a good mix of time zones across North America & Europe.

    Link: Discord (LINK URL)[discord.gg]

    Jenny's Notes: I had lots of fun on this server, I received a nice warm welcome and joined a squad with one of the members. They focus on supporting new players on their server, giving them assistance to teach them on how to play the game in a way that works for their server. I saw the admins act professionally while dealing with any issues that occurred during my visit. I would highly recommend joining this server for a few games!]]>
    Squad's 2021 In Review https://squad-servers.com/blog/1203/squad-s-2021-in-review/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1203/squad-s-2021-in-review/ Mon, 27 Dec 2021 09:00 CET

    Hello Squaddies,

    2021 has been quite the difficult year. Here at Offworld, we had certainly hoped to accomplish more. We’ve touched on this with you all previously, but we wanted to share some final thoughts and a recap with our amazing playerbase as we prepare for the holiday break…

    We started strongly with the release of V2.0 at the start of the year. This update included a number of significant changes to Squad including a significant Map Layer Overhaul which was similar in scope to an engine update, new content for your favourite factions, balance and gameplay changes, and long-awaited improvements to the Helicopter flight model. Also included was a new map based in Canada’s Goose Bay. For a full list of what we delivered with V2.0 see our launch blog [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/02/24/squad-update-v2-0/]URL Link[/url]].

    As is the case in game development nothing ever goes quite to plan and within a week we had identified and addressed a number of critical issues which were fixed with the V2.3 Hotfix [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/03/04/squad-update-v2-3/]URL Link[/url]]. We would address more issues, and make some gameplay improvements with the V2.4 Update a few weeks later [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/03/25/squad-update-v2-4/]URL Link[/url]]. The V2.4.1 Hotfix would arrive the next week with more fixes.

    By the middle of April we had another significant update to Squad with V2.5 containing more bug fixes for V2.0 but also new replay functionality, allowing players to relive their most exciting moments from Squad. V2.5 came with a number of other updates, which are worth going over in its launch blog [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/04/14/squad-update-v2-5/]LINK URL[/url]]. A few days later we addressed player concerns over the ability to abuse the client-side “demo recording” functionality to expose enemy positions during gameplay with the V2.6 Update [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/04/17/squad-hotfix-v2-6/]LINK URL[/url]].

    Also in April the JoinSquad forums returned after being offline. If you have not had a chance to do it please register for the forums as it’s a great place to chat with your fellow players about the game. We’ll be utilizing our forums even more in the new year, so we hope to see you all there! [[url=https://forums.joinsquad.com/]LINK URL[/url]]

    The team continued to improve gameplay, and address outstanding issues in May’s V2.7 Update [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/05/13/squad-update-v2-7/]LINK URL[/url]]. Unfortunately that build had more issues than normal and so the team refocused again releasing the V2.8 Update shortly afterwards [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/05/19/squad-update-v2-8/]LINK URL[/url]].

    While we had done extensive work providing gameplay updates and focusing on addressing technical debt in Squad, by that point in the year the team realized that players were anxious for more content. With our emphasis for new content on Amphibious we realized that we would likely not have anything out in a timely manner. Thus knowing about the great work our Mod Community was doing with Squad we ran the Open Modding Event with the aim of increasing usage of mods within the player base as well as allowing Licensed Servers to support mods. This Open Modding Event started in May and ran through the first week of June [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/05/26/open-modding-event-phase-1/]LINK URL[/url]]. There was some technical work that we had to do on Squad behind the scenes to best support mods, and ensure that a mod would not have the ability to prevent players from even being able to run the game but we were glad to be able to provide this new support to our modding community, and let more players access mods on a greater variety of servers.

    Near the end of June we began to hold playtests for what would become the start of the V2.12 Update that is currently in progress. With a significant overhaul to how lighting and shadows work in Squad the update touches on a great number of aspects of the game and has proven harder than we anticipated to release due to how much of the game the Shadows and Lighting overhaul impacts..

    June also saw the release of Squad V2.9 containing a slew of gameplay updates and bug fixes aimed at improving your overall experience while playing Squad [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/06/28/squad-update-v2-9/]LINK URL[/url]]. V2.10 was released in the first week of July to address some issues that stemmed from the release of V2.9 [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/07/07/squad-update-v2-10/]LINK URL[/url]].

    In August the Squad team released V2.11 with changes to spawn mechanics at HABs/FOBs, and a number of quality of life changes, including Saveable Keybinds, and most importantly the new map Anvil which was originally developed by Midnight Interactive for the Australian faction [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/08/18/squad-update-v2-11/]LINK URL[/url]].

    We understand that players are keen for the Australian faction to come to Squad. When we purchased it from Midnight Interactive it became apparent that significant additional work was needed. We have to ensure that the faction works with the improvements made by the dev team during layer overhaul as well as improvements and fixes made to the game engine. With other priorities being the focus of the Squad team we have not had the opportunity to dig into the bulk of the work to complete the faction and bring it up to releasable standard.

    In September we resumed testing for the V2.12 Update, which also features gameplay improvements alongside the lighting and shadow upgrades [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/09/29/squad-playtest-this-weekend/]LINK URL[/url]]. Given the technical issues that we have had with other releases, and the wide ranging changes in V2.12 we are being cautious with the release, striving to ensure that it is rigorously tested before it’s release. We have already pushed it back after running into technical issues with the update, but now barring any further issues being discovered during the Playtest sessions we aim to release it in the first part of 2022.

    In October we had the first Squad Developer Q&A and took questions on our forums [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/10/29/october-squad-developer-qa/]LINK URL[/url]]. It’s part of a renewed focus on open two way communication between us as developers of Squad and you the players. Your feedback is always welcome, and in fact has been extremely helpful throughout the history of Squad’s development and the lessons that we took from the Q&A [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/11/25/learnings-from-our-first-qa/]LINK URL[/url]] will help guide us as we go forward into 2022 and beyond. We also promised a second Q&A in December, but with the team focused fully on preparing V2.12 for launch in 2022 we are postponing it. The next Developer Q&A will come in the New Year.

    It is clear to us as a development team that we have not released enough content for Squad this year and that we promised much more than we delivered.

    Some of this was because we had to focus on improving what we call technical debt, fixing underlying issues with Squad that are not noticeable to players on a day-to-day basis but can greatly affect future development on the game.

    Another issue was dealing with patching issues with Updates after their release. While having to address bugs, and fix issues after a major release like V2.0 is common in software development for a small development studio like Offworld Industries, having to shift to fixing issues unfortunately throws further development out of schedule far more than it would at a larger studio where a game team can have multiple groups organized to tackle parallel tasks. That is not an excuse, or an apology, it is simply a reality that as a studio we have to live with as we organize our priorities, and when making promises to you the player community.

    At times in our eagerness to tell you about the things that we are working on that excite us, and that we know will excite you, we have naively overpromised and under-delivered.

    We are looking at ways of improving our internal work flows to catch more issues before they’re released. We are also working towards staying focused on content creation and release so that we can get out the long promised updates like the USMC faction, the Australian faction, and the Pan-Asian faction as soon as possible.

    As 2021 closes we are proud that we have begun to improve communication between you the players, and us the developers of Squad. In 2022 we hope to continue that improvement, and pair it with an increase in content being released for the game.

    Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the game, or a fresh recruit in 2021, we’re thankful for your support of Squad and look forward to seeing you in the game soon.


    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Happy Holidays From Offworld Industries https://squad-servers.com/blog/1202/happy-holidays-from-offworld-industries/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1202/happy-holidays-from-offworld-industries/ Mon, 20 Dec 2021 16:00 CET

    Dear Squaddies.

    From everyone at Offworld Industries we wish you a wonderful holiday season with your friends, family, and loved ones as we celebrate the end of another year!

    This year has been a busy one at Offworld Industries, as we detailed in our recent post looking back at 2021 [[url=https://joinsquad.com/2021/12/15/squads-2021-in-review/]URL LINK[/url]]. We are excited about what lies ahead for both Squad and our studio, and look forward to sharing more of that with you in the new year.

    We are continually grateful for your support, and for your openness in sharing your feelings, and hopes for the future of Squad with us. You have given us such great feedback this year and we hope that you can tell how passionate we are about delivering the best game possible today and in the future as we focus on delivering more content in 2022! Please continue to share your thoughts with us via our channels such as the Join Squad Forums [[url=https://forums.joinsquad.com/]Link URL[/url]], our Twitter account [[url=https://twitter.com/JoinSquad]Link URL[/url]], our Discord Server [[url=https://discord.gg/UgNsG3wwzJ]LINK URL[/url]] and our Facebook page [[url=https://www.facebook.com/JoinSquad]Link URL[/url]].

    Please note that the Offworld Industries studio will be closed from December 20th until January 3rd. You will still be able to reach our Customer Support Team through our Support Portal [[url=https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us]Link URL[/url]], but please keep in mind that responses will take longer than usual during the holiday closure. In the meantime please visit our Technical FAQ for commonly reported issues [[url=https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/204726888-Squad]LINK URL[/url]].

    Thank you again for your support and happy holidays from the OWI Team!

    - Offworld Industries]]>
    Squad's Holiday V2.12 Playtest Event https://squad-servers.com/blog/1200/squad-s-holiday-v212-playtest-event/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/1200/squad-s-holiday-v212-playtest-event/ Sat, 18 Dec 2021 04:45 CET here.]]> SQUAD V2.12 PLAYTEST THIS SUNDAY https://squad-servers.com/blog/928/squad-v212-playtest-this-sunday/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/928/squad-v212-playtest-this-sunday/ Thu, 09 Dec 2021 19:57 CET
    Offworld Industries will be holding an additional public playtest on Sunday, December 12th at 16:00 UTC.

    These playtests will be a chance to give feedback on the performance of the upcoming v2.12 update, which includes the following features:

    Shadows & lighting overhaul
    • Buddy boost (being able to jump on your teammates to get over walls)
    • Capture zone scaling (capture speed will now scale with the number of players in a capture zone)
    • Joining the public playtest will help us see how these changes perform. It is also a chance to try out upcoming gameplay changes and fixes for v2.12.
    • We are looking to get a broad range of players so that we can be sure that the shadows and lighting overhaul will work for players on all types of systems. The performance of V2.12 on lower end hardware is a potential blocker for its release and we want to confirm that it will perform to an acceptable level.

    These playtests will occur on the “Squad – Public Testing” application, so players will need to have the “Squad – Public Testing” application.

    To get the best results and to be able to join the playtest, follow these guidelines

    • The “Squad – Public Testing” application will be available in your Steam Library ONLY if you own Squad. It can be found by searching for “Squad – Public Testing” within the Steam Library search bar.
    • Downloading the “Squad – Public Testing” application is equivalent to downloading another copy of Squad, so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to download it and enough HDD space to have it installed.
    • The build(s) we will be using during the playtests are not currently available. This means if you install the “Squad – Public Testing” application now in preparation for the tests, there will be an additional (smaller) download closer to the time of the tests. Please keep that in mind, and set your Steam Library to auto-update if possible.

    Take your chance to leave an impression on v2.12, and we’ll see you on the field.

    – OWI]]>
    The Wrench - September 2021 https://squad-servers.com/blog/926/the-wrench-september-2021/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/926/the-wrench-september-2021/ Wed, 22 Sep 2021 18:45 CEST here.]]> The Wrench - August https://squad-servers.com/blog/925/the-wrench-august/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/925/the-wrench-august/ Thu, 26 Aug 2021 22:50 CEST
    We’re back again with another version of The Wrench, your number one source for knowing what the modding community has been up to, and to get updated on how their work is progressing.

    Oh boy, have the modding community come through with some delightful-looking mods for y’all to admire.

    As always, if any of these mods catch your attention, be sure to join the mod teams Discords, or provide feedback via their Steam Workshop page (if available)

    Now, on to the creations!

    PGM HECATE 2 by Titoonet

    Titoonet is presenting us the PGM Hecate 2, a long-range precision rifle chambered in .50BMG (12.7mm), used by snipers in the French army. The rifle is equipped with a Scrome J10 (x10 zoom) scope that will allow shots from 500 to 1800 meters. We are thinking of a few ideas to balance this rifle in-game, for example, reduce standing accuracy a lot, low ammo, or a lack of short-range ranging options on the scope

    Discord: https://discord.gg/ZCCYEFx

    Website: https://smf.tactical-collective.com/

    Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2198088821

    Squad Masters Mod by Mjölnir Husky

    The Squad Masters Mod started as a small mod for the Squad Masters BLITZ tournament.
    But it grows fast into a caster/streamer-friendly system with alot of features.

    Now the mod should be a system for better squad streaming for caster and viewer.
    Every AAS vanilla layer is added to the mod to be usable for nearly everyone.
    Every Event that wants to use vanilla AAS or RAAS layers should be able to use this mod.
    So the caster and the viewer have a much more friendly system to understand what happens on the map.

    Caster Cam Features:
    - Kill feed
    - Radio built and proxy ranges
    - Radio health info
    - HAB Siege Status, sphere, and ranges
    - Rally point siege ranges
    - Rally point spawn timer
    - Flag Info with capture status
    - Kill/Death/Downed info
    - Vehicle health info
    - Add/Change team logo (128x128px)
    - Add/Change event logo (64x64px)
    - Add/Change team names
    - Teleport by clicking on the Spawnmap
    - Stick with the cam on players/vehicles
    - Change the stick height and range

    And more is being currently worked on.

    View more here: https://streamable.com/n3afgr

    Dutch Armed Forces by Victor

    A Squad Mod that aims to add an accurate representation of the Dutch Armed Forces into the game.
    Read more on their progress over on their site here: https://sites.google.com/view/dafmod1

    Visit their Discord: https://discord.gg/FaSEnuc79v

    Squad_JO by LaughingJack

    Steam Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2240351000

    Squad_JO is a Gameplay modification of Squad, based on the classic game Joint Operations from 2004 - "western democratic" coalition forces versus "rebellious anti-western" allies.
    It retains Squads' organization & communications but removes much of the structured role-playing elements required by players, allowing for a more accessible playing style that highlights 'playing the objective'.

    With headshots and knife attacks killing outright and no rally points, this makes for a more deadly game that puts a greater value of life on the player and encourages smarter play, with plenty of room for tactical styles that don't rely on the 'FOB-crafting' meta.
    The Mod includes Multi-faction teams, modified Gamemodes for AAS, PAAS & TKOTH, and numerous new assets. It also includes numerous gameplay layers for a bunch of Squad-vanilla maps as well as two classic Joint Operations maps; Black Rock Beach and Dormant Volcano Isle.
    The mod is now in its final stages of completion of all the basic changes to gameplay and visual elements. The mod will be updated to v1.0 very soon but is totally playable as it stands and is cooked for Windows and Linux servers. Future additions will be the CAF and Aussie factions when they are available within the SDK.

    For more in-depth details, please see the description and change notes on the Steam Workshop page.

    Grand Falls by BaronVonBoyce and Gunslinger


    Grand Falls is a town located in Victoria County, New Brunswick, Canada. It's situated on the Saint John River. The town derives its name from a waterfall created by a series of rock ledges over which the river drops 23 meters.

    Located on the US-Canada border, Russian forces are approaching from their previous victories during their amphibious landing in Labrador and seizure of the Manic-5 dam, Canadian and NATO forces will have to hold them here or risk Russian infiltration into the American homeland.

    Squad: Vietnam by the Squad: Vietnam Team
    Squad: Vietnam update time!

    We get asked on a daily, sometimes hourly basis when we’re going to be releasing our mod and we wanted to give a quick shout out to our ever-growing and patient community. We’re nearing 6k Discord members and know many of you are eager to play. We very much appreciate all the support and understanding of our focus on quality over an early release.

    Those of you who have been following the mod for a while will be glad to hear that our flagship Mekong delta based map is coming along nicely. We’ve added another member to the mapping team and hope to be featuring it in a Wrench edition very soon. Until then you can catch a few sneak peeks and even a SQD:VN themed wallpaper over on our Instagram.[www.instagram.com]

    Recently we showed our Huey helicopter over on our discord. The Huey along with napalm and the M16 are some of the most iconic Vietnam War-era US arsenal pieces we can think of. Po our very talented Huey modeler with assistance from advisers has spent hours making sure it’s perfect and we can’t be happier with the results. So here are a few extra renders for everyone.

    Join their Discord[discord.gg]

    Platoon Mod by MoiDawg

    Platoon is a mod set on re-imagining the fundamental Squad gameplay loop.

    In typical Squad gameplay, quite often players are subject to walking simulators, but that isn’t because Squad is a slow-paced game. Instead, this is because Squad is an incredibly fast-paced game that rewards those who capture objectives quickly, and not necessarily those who win firefights.

    In many games, the most efficient way to capture an objective is usually one Squad Leader running around and placing multiple radios with a HAB on them. For an average game of Squad, this results in uncoordinated hordes of enemy attacks requiring defenders to go out and overrun HABs, play hide and seek with radios, and destroy one FOB while the three other spawn points are still allowing attackers into the objective. FOBs are glorified team spawns, wave spawns are tiresome, and many games can be won without memorable firefights all because of strategic teleportation around the map.

    Platoon aims to re-imagine the FOB, create the ability to establish fire support areas around the map, re-imagine a player’s interaction with objectives, and also create more interesting unit cohesion between infantry, vehicles, command assets, and emplacements. Most importantly, Platoon hopes that every game can result in memorable and entertaining firefights.

    Join us as we create new gameplay interactions, new game modes, and a new way to enjoy the game we all love.

    Here is a link to our Discord server[discord.gg]

    Koshtantau by duramorph

    Koshtantau is a map with high mountains, steep slopes, and dense forests. In the middle of the map, there is a radio station on a mountain top that can be reached through a long tunnel from the valley. There are several checkpoints alongside the road system. The map also contains an iron mine, a worker camp, a scrap yard, and a crash site.

    -Russian vs. Militia

    Current Layers

    Check out our Steam Workshop page here.

    South African Border War: Operation Savannah (Angola Map) by Springbok

    A conflict theatre set during the South African Border War/Angolan Civil War of the 1960s to 1980s.

    Japanese Ground Self Defense Force by JGSDF Mod Team

    Hello, we are the JGSDF MOD Team and aim to create the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force as a playable Faction for Squad. Even though we are a relatively new mod, we're glad that our team already has some very talented people helping from the Squad Modding Community! We do not have any ETA on the mod yet and our main goal is to make a balanced yet fun faction while also having fun and learning while we create this faction. If you want to know more about this project or if you want to actively support and help us, please come around to our Discord.[discord.gg]

    Greetings from the JGSDF MOD Team!

    VDV Russian Sub-Faction by VDV Mod Team
    We first want to thank you for the interest shown in the last Wrench. For this reason, we have listened to you and have created a public discord.

    In the last Wrench, we showed you the Jump Helmet and RPG-22, since that we were able to welcome new members to the team and work on new things like the SVDS and Mi-8 retexture.


    VKS Grey Mi-8

    VKS Green Mi-8

    If you are willing to join us, we are looking for Military Advisors, 3D Artists, UE4 Developers, etc. you can apply in #📩-apply-here.[discord.gg]

    You can also head over to our discord for any questions, will be glad to answer those.

    Brazilian Armed Forces by Smoking Snakes Dev Team
    Hey guys!

    For you out there that doesn’t know us, we are a dev team that aims to bring a Brazilian faction for Squad with unique vehicles, weapons, maps, command actions etc.

    Today we have some more work in progress to showcase for you guys, this time we brought the Guarani with actual textures, unfortunately, we didn´t have time to prepare decent textures for the other 2 models, I hope you guys can understand.

    Please go check out our discord and website
    Squad Update: V2.11 https://squad-servers.com/blog/923/squad-update-v211/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/923/squad-update-v211/ Wed, 18 Aug 2021 20:02 CEST here.]]> WIP Lighting/Shadows UAT Playtest #2 – August 1st 2021 https://squad-servers.com/blog/922/wip-lighting-shadows-uat-playtest/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/922/wip-lighting-shadows-uat-playtest/ Fri, 30 Jul 2021 03:46 CEST
    We have an updated Shadows & Lighting Overhaul playtest build that will be available for public play this weekend Sunday 1st August 2021. We especially want to hear from players currently running Squad on PCs which can be considered low/minimum specification to observe if players using such hardware are affected by any significant performance problems. We will shortly be updating the Squad Public Testing* App on Steam in preparation for the weekend.

    The playtest server will be available this Sunday, August 1st, and we would love to populate a full server, to have as many players - with varying hardware setups - as possible join us and help put it through its paces. The download should be available shortly on the Squad Public Testing app.

    We welcome all player’s feedback and performance reports. Please use the #experimental-shadow-feedback[discord.gg] discord channel or our joinsquad forums[forums.joinsquad.com] to provide this feedback.

    When providing performance feedback, please supply the following information in your report:
    -Graphics Card
    -In-Game Settings

    The lighting/shadow overhaul changes you see in this build WILL NOT be in the forthcoming v2.11 update, these changes are in a test phase for us to continue receiving feedback before we implement these changes to the live version of Squad in the future.

    If you are experiencing issues in the build, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating to see if this offers some improvements.

    *The Squad - Public Testing application will only appear within your Steam Library if you own Squad, and can be easily found via the search function within your Steam Library.

    What’s New
    • Reduced the occurrence of client hitching during gameplay compared to the previous Shadows & Lighting playtest build.
    • Muzzle flash effects have been overhauled and should be much more prominent and visible in this playtest. Also, infantry and vehicle muzzle flashes should now display at much further ranges than the current live build.
    • Gorodok grass prototype: Much more lush foliage with better variety and shading. Needs to be evaluated for both performance and gameplay impact.
    • Gorodok landscape overhaul: Much more detailed and realistic landscape materials, featuring micro detailing and better shading. The landscape texture should no longer appear to repeat.
    Known Issues
    • In this playtest build, walking into a wall will force your character out of ADS. This is not an intentional feature, it is a bug.
    For those that did not see the full details from the last playtest on June 27th, here are the full changes:

    Previous Detailed Info on the Lighting & Shadows Overhaul
    Currently in the live game, when players run with lower Shadows and lower Ambient Occlusion settings, this can allow for somewhat easier spotting of enemies in certain circumstances, while also greatly downgrading the game’s visual quality. Also, the current Far Shadows are not optimized, leading to performance degradation for most player setups when Far Shadows are enabled.

    This playtest version has an extensive overhaul of the way lighting and shadows work under the hood, accompanied by a vast new range of performance options, while greatly improving the overall visual quality of lighting and shadows across all quality settings. An essential aspect of this change is retaining a consistent gameplay experience across all settings levels - from low to epic - to reduce potential gameplay advantages that can be attained through toggling the various new shadows settings to a negligible level.

    Shadows should now also give a better overall performance for all shadows settings, from low through high/epic settings. Even when running with the lowest possible settings, shadows will still be enabled to allow for an effect on gameplay consistent with higher shadow quality settings, albeit with greatly reduced visual quality to save on performance. We would love to get as many varied setups as possible playing to help us see what impact this potentially has on system performance - particularly on lower-end / minimum-spec hardware.

    • Setting Shadows to “Low” will retain most of the gameplay impact of shadows and Ambient Occlusion when they’re set to higher levels, but drastically reduce their quality. Currently in the live game, setting Shadows to “Low” removes shadows almost entirely.

    • This is expected to have a slight performance hit for players running on Low settings - but a large benefit to gameplay, in that all settings levels are much closer to presenting the same overall levels of lighting and shadows, thus providing similar effects on gameplay.

    • Removed Far Shadows tickbox - The new shadow implementation covers the range of the current Far Shadows at higher quality and a lower performance cost. The new shadows will have potentially up to 10x less performance cost compared to the current shadows in the live game.

    • Distant Field Ambient Occlusion will be enabled on all graphics quality settings while having been optimized at lower quality settings. DFAO allows the realistic dimming of enclosed spaces and areas of dense foliage. In combination with the extended shadow ranges, this will ensure that all players will have similar visibility when trying to spot targets.

      -Low - 25% quality, 1 sample
      -Medium - 50% quality, 1 sample
      -High - 75% quality, 2 samples
      -Epic - 100% quality, 3 samples

    • Overhauled shadow rendering - all shadows will render up to 1.7 km at all quality levels, while having up to 8 km of surrounding mountain, terrain, and large detail shadows (some maps have exceptions and render at less range if the map is smaller or emphasizes CQB, such as Fallujah, Logar, etc).

    • Optimized Shadow Cascades, as well as increased maximum resolution for epic settings:

      -Low - 1k, 3 Cascades
      -Medium - 2k, 3 Cascades
      -High - 4k, 4 Cascades
      -Epic - 8k, 5 Cascades

    • Note that for both Shadows and Ambient Occlusion, "Low" settings will be at lower resolutions than they are now to offset the performance cost of having more shadows on screen. “High” and “Epic” settings will render shadows at a higher resolution than before, achieving improved visual quality while performing better than Far Shadows do in the current live version of the game. This means that you may want to raise or lower your Shadows and Ambient Occlusion graphics settings from what you normally run in the live game.

    • Ambient Occlusion will be reworked for underground areas such as tunnels and bunkers to allow for more accurate shading, better gameplay and greatly improved atmosphere.

    • Lighting will be improved on all layers. Some layers will be completely overhauled with new HDR lighting. The rest will be incrementally upgraded, and will gradually receive their finishing touches in further patches.
    Lighting Improvements
    • Updated lighting to give more contrast, brighter highlights, and deeper shadows on most map layers.
      Overhauled the colour grading and post-processing on all map layers.
    • Implemented Volumetric Lighting on all map layers.
    • Reduced fog thickness on Tallil, Yehorivka, Gorodok, Lashkar, and Kohat. Adjustments of fog on many other layers.
    • Removed Eye Adaptation from all layers to reduce exploits and allow for balanced gameplay in all areas of our maps.
    • Removed Ambient Cubemaps from layers to reduce the washed out feeling across all maps.
    • Most night layers are now brighter.
    • Relit most underground tunnels with new lights and atmospheric effects, especially on Mestia.
    • Adjusted layout and tooltips of the Graphics menu to improve clarity and user experience.
    • Added localized volumetric fog for dusty areas such as tunnels.
    Lighting Fixes
    • Fixed Ambient Occlusion artifacts on thousands of buildings, environment objects, and foliage assets.
    • Fixed Ambient Occlusion artifacts where underground tunnels intersect with the landscape.
    • Fixed incorrect PBR shading on several hundred environment assets.
    • There are still some shading artifacts with some older assets on maps. We are continuing to address these.
    • Fixed incorrect PBR shading on several landscapes, including Skorpo, Manic, Yehorivka, and Al Basrah.
    • Improved palm tree shaders to have light scattering through the leaves.
    • Fixed shiny road materials on many maps, including Al Basrah, Yehorivka, Belaya, and Goose Bay.

    Offworld Out!]]>
    Server Spotlight #5 https://squad-servers.com/blog/918/server-spotlight/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/918/server-spotlight/ Wed, 14 Jul 2021 18:49 CEST here.]]> Quarterly Development Update https://squad-servers.com/blog/917/quarterly-development-update/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/917/quarterly-development-update/ Fri, 09 Jul 2021 21:10 CEST
    Welcome to the first edition of our new Quarterly Development Update, where we will be giving our community some insight into how development works behind the scenes. In these updates, we will be exploring recent challenges faced by our development team, provide some insight into our process, and provide a bit of discussion surrounding our priorities. Once you’re done reading this update, feel free to head over to our forums to ask your questions in the discussion thread found here[forums.joinsquad.com]. We will compile the questions and answer as many of them as possible!

    A Look Back:

    The Logistics Supply Bug

    During the last few months, the team faced a difficult challenge in finding a resolution for the logistics supply bug. The bug was tied to several other issues including the turret-disappearance bug and the passenger seat bug. This made it difficult to investigate and pin down the root cause.

    Through the team's investigations, the team discovered that the bug is a symptom of an overarching engine issue. This issue is caused by the client and server’s GUIDs for certain objects in the world being mismatched upon loading a new level. The issue is unfortunately not completely resolved, but it is less frequent with the mitigation the team has implemented. The team is continuing to investigate new solutions to completely eradicate the bug once and for all.

    Several months were used to diagnose the source of the problem, and get an acceptable patch to the player base. The interconnectedness of the issue pushed our timeline far beyond what we expected and we ended up spending most of March diagnosing the source of the problem, then the majority of April testing several different possible solutions.

    After several tests, we took a new approach reviewing the engineering side of things. During our testing phase, we were able to find a better solution that significantly reduced the frequency of users experiencing this bug. Thanks to the discovery of some previously hidden settings and testing several different engine changes. We eventually found a new understanding of how the engine caches client GUID values and we have been able to make a significant amount of progress.

    The Vehicle Meshes bug

    As many of you know, another issue several players had been facing within Squad was the Vehicle Mesh bug, which caused the armor of the vehicle to become indestructible. This bug came out of the new functionality we created for armor meshes. The new functionality replaced armor meshes with a newly created component that allows us to decouple the armor rating information and information about the physical material used on the mesh.

    Previously, armor rating information was embedded into the physical material, causing numerous headaches for our VFX artists and game designers due to the sheer number of different physical materials needed to represent different armor values. The new component the team has designed has allowed us to move away from the physical materials-based workflow, making it simpler to set up and tune armor values without affecting the VFX and audio used for that armor. This also allows us to extend our methods of armor penetration more easily in the future if need be. Unfortunately, this new system had a bug where the projectile would not use the correct value for penetration, and the fix for the bug would cause a crash while using mods that had custom projectiles. This meant that we needed to disable this change until we could get a solution for the crash in place.

    Update to Forward Operating Base Exclusion Radius

    In update 2.9 the Forward Operating Base’s (FOB) Exclusion Radius has been increased back to 400m from 300m. This change is intended to reduce the effectiveness of massed FOBs surrounding an objective, and tone down the spawn point spam meta which is a staple of current public games. The spam meta is where teams use the ability to deploy multiple spawn points in close proximity to the surrounding objective area and this is not aligned with the focus of our game.

    We hope the exclusion radius change encourages players to put more emphasis on teamwork when picking locations for their FOB placements. In the future, we are looking at more changes to help mitigate this broader strategic meta, and encourage a wider variety of effective strategies. The goal is to better align Squad’s gameplay more closely with our focus on teamwork, communication, planning, and coordination. This alignment would allow and encourage more often a wider range of strategic options with more effective planning.

    Recent HAB Meta Changes

    In update 2.9 a future change to the HAB proxy radius was mixed with a merge and pushed to the live game an update early. The change makes it so that players can proximity block a spawning unit from an increasing radius with more players, 3 at 30 meters, 4 at 40, and so on until 8 players can block it at 80 meters. We are currently reading the feedback about this change from multiple channels and are actively looking for the right way to fine-tune this change that takes into account all of your feedback. You can read a more detailed post from us on the subject here.[joinsquad.com]

    Coming Soon-ish: Rotor wash system

    The team has been designing a new feature called the helicopter rotor wash system. It allows for helicopters to affect the environment it comes into contact with. For example, when a helicopter flies over a field of grass, it will flatten the grass as the air is blown down onto it. The system is dynamic, so there is no constant shader cost of the effect unless there is a helicopter with an engine on, within 60m of the ground, and within 700m of your player.

    Wash can overlap from multiple helicopters, causing vast turbulence between them, with a max of 8 active at a time. The active helicopters sort by distance, opening possibilities for future effects from helicopters, other vehicles, or players.

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for your deep interest in everything Squad-related! As a reminder, if you have any questions, please head over to the discussion thread in our forums, found here[forums.joinsquad.com]. We will be reading your questions and aim to answer them over the coming weeks.

    As always, you can catch a glimpse of the Squad Roadmap[trello.com]. The roadmap has always been our way of providing the community with transparency, but with that transparency comes the caveat that things we’ve discussed may change.

    Offworld Out!
    Recently Released HAB Meta Changes in v2.9 https://squad-servers.com/blog/915/recently-released-hab-meta-changes-in-v29/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/915/recently-released-hab-meta-changes-in-v29/ Thu, 08 Jul 2021 20:17 CEST here.]]>