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This is SquadChat After Hours, where we'll be chilling out and taking questions from the community

Join us at 5pm PST (1am UTC)

Up to 25% OFF OWI Published Games in the Steam Winter Sale https://squad-servers.com/blog/853/up-to-25-off-owi-published-games-in-the-steam-winter-sale/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/853/up-to-25-off-owi-published-games-in-the-steam-winter-sale/ Tue, 22 Dec 2020 19:30 CET
That magical time of year is here again, it's time to fill up that gaming backlog you've been chipping away at over the year and time to add a few more gems to your collection in the Steam Winter Sale.

This year we've got a trio of sales for you with all the Offworld Industries titles up for grabs:

Post Scriptum - 25% OFF
Beyond The Wire - 20% OFF

Sale ends Jan 5th 2021




Wishing you all a Happy Holidays.

Offworld Out!

Up to 25% OFF OWI Published Games in the Steam Winter Sale https://squad-servers.com/blog/852/up-to-25-off-owi-published-games-in-the-steam-winter-sale/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/852/up-to-25-off-owi-published-games-in-the-steam-winter-sale/ Tue, 22 Dec 2020 19:30 CET here.]]> HAPPY HOLIDAYS! https://squad-servers.com/blog/851/happy-holidays/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/851/happy-holidays/ Sat, 19 Dec 2020 00:44 CET
As OWI HQ begins readying itself for the Winter break and all the festivities that surround it; spending time with loved ones near and far, eating lavish meals for many of us remotely, and quite possibly, racking up the playtime counter on your favorite Steam games (or that pesky backlog), we wanted to take the time to appreciate all the players of Squad, Beyond The Wire and Post Scriptum, for your active participation allowed Offworld Industries to have one of its most vital years despite the current state of the world.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for everyone, providing many challenges to overcome and understand, not only for a new way of living but also with lots of new work challenges. Even with these changes, Squad was able to achieve an engine upgrade that helped provide improved functionality for many of the game’s systems. The Road to Fallujah was completed and shipped, bringing to Squad one of the most intense and densely populated maps so far alongside the Middle Eastern Alliance faction. On the horizon, for 2021, we have the Map Layer Overhaul update in V 2.0, which comes with a slew of changes aimed at improving your experience while playing Squad, and even more for 2021.

Oh, did we also mention that Squad launched out of Early Access? Yeah, that happened. Good times.

Speaking of V 2.0, we’ve got an updated Public Testing build of the V 2.0 Update that has been pushed to Steam with some more fixes and changes for you to peruse, and you may even spot the Yuletide additions we’ve been able to add on the latest Goose Bay map. Festive fun for all! For a detailed list of the new additions, plus information on how to report bugs you find, please click here[joinsquad.com]

You’ll likely still see some of us around in the familiar places, helping where we can, though the majority of the team will be getting some needed R&R.

We just want to thank you for helping take Squad to new heights throughout 2020, we’ve got even bigger plans for 2021, and we’d be honored to have you join us for the ride. Please enjoy the holidays as best as you can, strive to do a good thing every day for someone else, and stay safe.

Offworld Out!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! https://squad-servers.com/blog/850/happy-holidays/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/850/happy-holidays/ Sat, 19 Dec 2020 00:44 CET here.]]> Server Browser Hotfix https://squad-servers.com/blog/849/server-browser-hotfix/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/849/server-browser-hotfix/ Wed, 09 Dec 2020 19:39 CET
Today we are issuing a hotfix update that addresses some recent issues with the server browser.

This update is not related to the V 2.0 Update, apologies if this got your hopes up.

If you would like to help test the V 2.0 Update, please download the Squad - Public Testing application within your Steam Library and read up on the known issues here[joinsquad.com]

Offworld Out!]]>
Server Browser Hotfix https://squad-servers.com/blog/848/server-browser-hotfix/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/848/server-browser-hotfix/ Wed, 09 Dec 2020 19:39 CET here.]]> Status Update: V 2.0 Update https://squad-servers.com/blog/847/status-update-v-20-update/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/847/status-update-v-20-update/ Wed, 09 Dec 2020 18:37 CET
As you may be aware, last week, we began public playtesting of our v2.0 update to help us assess the issues that would arise if we were to have released v2.0 in its current state.

We have been making steady progress on fixing bugs and addressing issues, but the progress has been slower than anticipated. This has occurred for several reasons and we want to take the time to explain why we haven’t been able to provide as many updated builds to the Public Testing branch on Steam as we initially intended.

Regrettably, due to the issues, we have encountered, and the risk involved with putting out a release with potential major problems right before the holidays, we have made the decision to push out the v2.0 official release to January 2021.

We will be extending the UAT playtesting period to be active during the remainder of December and will be continuously pushing fixes, tweaks, and updates to the UAT public playtesting for the remainder of the time before the holidays.

Earlier in the year, we had an update delayed, which was due to an issue with our build process and the hardware we use. While we were able to get the build servers up and running again, it was in a less than ideal state, which we have been consistently working to improve with hardware upgrades. This upgrade is still ongoing, and the complete hardware refresh is expected to be completed in early 2021. This should have the benefit of providing the team with quicker builds, more significant detailed reporting of issues so they can be tracked and resolved faster

Unfortunately, that also means we have internally been experiencing some frustrating issues, for example, an inconsistent shadercore crash due to our build pipeline. During several of our builds, this crash has plagued our builds, to the point where that time spent for that build is wasted as it can’t even begin testing, and another needs to be attempted.

None of this means that the team has wound down work on v2.0. We will still strive to provide UAT Public Testing builds (more info here)[joinsquad.com] before the Holiday Break and looking to provide some festive fun.

Another delay is never desired, and we apologize that we won’t be able to provide an update to Squad before the end of the year, but it’s better to get it as right as possible rather than releasing content before the holiday office shutdown (flashbacks to the A7 update)

Keep an eye for further updates to our Squad - Public Testing application on Steam as we continue to work on the issues that are being reported.


Status Update: V 2.0 Update https://squad-servers.com/blog/846/status-update-v-20-update/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/846/status-update-v-20-update/ Wed, 09 Dec 2020 18:37 CET here.]]> Server Spotlight: Issue #002 https://squad-servers.com/blog/845/server-spotlight-issue/ https://squad-servers.com/blog/845/server-spotlight-issue/ Wed, 09 Dec 2020 02:35 CET
My name is Jenny, and I am the Server Licensing Manager at OWI. Welcome to our second edition of the server spotlight. This feature will highlight some of the community servers that we think you may want to check out, share information about them, and show what they are up to or where they excel.

Whether they are old or new, it's always good to highlight the fantastic stuff our established server owners are doing every day.

Corrupted Infantry

We started as a group of friends who wanted to bring a better squad experience through communication and teamwork. We are a casual new player community who love to play squad and have fun together. Whether you are a brand new player or have hit the 1000+ hour club, everyone is welcome as long as you want to have fun or get involved with our scrims and events.

We host two servers:
-[CI] Corrupted Infantry [EU/ENG]
-[CI] Corrupted Infantry | Events Server

Events- We host weekly events such as scripted events, new game modes, mod playthroughs such as new factions or maps, and one life events! We make our mods on the SDK, meaning that anything is possible!

Discord - https://discord.gg/cX7zqYQ
Website - https://corrupted-infantry.com/

Jenny’s Notes: I recently visited their server and found it to be warm and welcoming. The admins are supportive and friendly to their community and engage players to enjoy different types of events they create using the game. I would highly recommend checking out their server and what they have to offer.

Next up, we have:

[|56|] Canadian Gaming

[|56|] Canadian Gaming first started back in 2003 during the golden age of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault when West was but a wee 12-year-old lad. The community was steady for years, eventually moving into the original Call Of Duty. Unfortunately, a dark day arrived with the launch of World Of Warcraft. And due to the wave of addiction, that game caused the first iteration of the 56th folded due to lack of activity. Fast forward to 2017, and after joining a few squad clans and having them not feel right, a few of us decided to strike out on our own, which led to the rebirth of the first and foremost Canadian specific squad community.
Our group has grown from 5 guys deciding to pay up for our own box to a community of over 2000 members and consistently ranking both of our servers in squad’s top 10. The communities’ generosity led to our ability to host servers over multiple games, donate thousands to various charity events, host giveaways, and real-life meet-ups, including Banff, Alberta, and Philadelphia, where 56 foots a big chunk of the bill. All players are welcome, from brand new players to 2500 hour vets. Between both servers, you are sure to find something matching your playstyle. We look forward to having you guys stop by and hope you enjoy your time with us.


Jennys Notes: When I visited their server, I received a huge warm welcome. They help players focus the players on the game. They create lots of lovely events for players to try out and the admins are active and supportive to players that join their server. I would highly recommend checking out their server and what they have to offer.

And the final recommendation I would like to make:


Our community started this summer as a joint project of several clans.
We discussed the way we would like things to go, the kind of administration we would like to see covered, and all the other shenanigans we would need for a server to run appropriately and community-friendly. These initially loose discussions led to the point where we are right now - and we believe we created a sound base for our community to grow further, prosper, and jointly shape upcoming approaches.

Since we came about from different clans, we all have a different Squad vision, a great game.
Thinking about what every one of us has in common about that is mainly the large scale communication the game requires, meaning it is necessary to forge out different tactics to overwhelm our foes and allow us to have a lot of fun in general.

Trying to think about what makes us extraordinary, the best explanation would be how our clans and players thrive within the given constellation. We have amazing people in our community who contribute valuable input they gained through their professions in real-life. We also enjoy amazing rounds that are compelling for everyone that plays. From CMD to Rifleman, everyone does his thing to reach the final goal.


Jenny’s notes: I received a very warm welcome when I joined the server, and the admins were keen to get some feedback after my visit. The teams worked well together, and the admins encouraged players to communicate and helped new players on the server with us. I highly recommend checking this server out and have some games with this community.

Happy Hunting

Licensing Manager

OWI Hosting Discord: https://discord.gg/uyu7KsN