Weekend Roundup: StackUp Edition!

Posted on November 14th, 2019 02:27 PM EST
Hey, squaddies!

We’ve got a big weekend for you! Starting on Saturday at 11 AM PST, we’ll be broadcasting live on Twitch to support the StackUp.org Call to Arms 2019[joinsquad.com]! Some of your favorite Squad streamers will be broadcasting live from OWI HQ to bring you some hard-hitting action, developer interviews, and, of course, FREE games.

We’ve got goodies from our partners at Periscope Games, Paradox, and from our pals at EA Vancouver. Be sure to hit the blog[joinsquad.com] for the full schedule of events, subscribe to our Twitch channel[twitch.tv], or join forces with us on DonorDrive[owi.gg]!

Oh, and be sure to bring your pals: we’ll be hosting a free weekend and sale as well. =) Just point ’em to Steam[owi.gg]!

We know waiting is the hardest part, so might we recommend testing out the new Commander patch[joinsquad.com]? Close air support operators are standing by.

To the events!

November 15
10:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

[RIP] Rusty in Places vs. The World[www.rustyinplaces.org]

November 16
10:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

Squad Charity League: SRG vs -IW-[discord.gg]

11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

Official Event: StackUp Call to Arms 2019 Live Stream[joinsquad.com]

12:30 PM PT (2030 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation Scarlet Storm Rising (MARS)[squadops.gg]

5:30 PM PT (0130 UTC, 17/11)

Squad Ops: Operation Grit[squadops.gg]

6:00 PM PT (0200 UTC, 17/11)

SCL: UC vs USF[discord.gg]

November 17
11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

SCL: Doctor’s Office vs NAC+CHEFS[discord.gg]
11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

SCL: Blueberry Esports vs FGB[discord.gg]

11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

SCL: DLC vs Royal Regularines[discord.gg]
11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

SCL: Misfit Platoon vs ULL[discord.gg]

11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

SCL: WeHeartSquad vs FRA[discord.gg]


Even if you’re not calling down the heat, it’s sure going to be fun as hell to watch! We hope you’ll join us on Saturday and maybe, if you can, give a little back.[owi.gg] =)

Would you like to see your event here? Let us know.[www.wrike.com]

Offworld out.

(Header image courtesy of official partner Squiders. Thanks, buddy!)
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