Alpha 16.1 Released

Posted on October 17th, 2019 03:00 PM EST
Hey squaddies!

While we're still hammering away on the next major release of Squad, we wanted to push out a hotfix to resolve some common issues popping up with Alpha 16.

Here's a list of the changes:
Alpha 16.1 Notes
  • Narva: Fixed several broken or invisible buildings.
  • Mutaha: Fixed bulletproof bushes.
  • Mutaha: Fixed no-leaning zones.
  • Mutaha: Fixed half-invisible garage doors and collisions.
  • Yehorivka, RAAS v3: Fixed bugged vehicle spawns.
  • Added exit points to the UH60 helicopter to reduce the chance of disembarking into the rotors during mass disembarks.
  • Fixed radial damage immunity on several exposed gunner seats. (BMP1 ZU-23, Ural ZU-23, Bulldog, T62 Cupola, M1A2 Loader, Technical DshK/SPG)
  • Fixed radial damage immunity for soldiers against M1A2 HEAT rounds.
Stay safe out there, squaddies.

Offworld out.
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