Sanxian and Turkish Land Forces Public Playtest!

Posted on November 15th, 2023 05:50 PM EST
Attention Squaddies,

We will be running a public playtest this weekend! It will feature the new pacific map Sanxian Island as well as the Turkish Land Forces (TLF) faction.

The playtest will take place on our Squad - Public Testing application which can be installed from your game library!

Playtest Start: November 17th at 7 PM UTC | 11 AM Pacific | 2 PM Eastern
Playtest End: November 20th at 7 PM UTC | 11 AM Pacific | 2 PM Eastern

If you have already installed it, an update will be made available the day before the test for you to download.

For this playtest, we will be running ONE playtest server each day due to our specific needs for public testing. If you wanted to hop into a playtest but never knew of a good time, we suggest gearing up at 7 PM UTC | 11 AM Pacific | 2 PM Eastern each day over the weekend for what we're calling Playtest Primetime! We found this to be the best and most populated time to join.

So squad up and come try out the next faction and map coming to Squad and maybe you’ll reign victorious over some Offworld Squaddies with the new Turkish Land Forces MKE MGL Grenade Launcher!

To stay up to date and to join the discussion, we encourage you to join our Official Squad Community Discord Server[] to get the earliest news on playtest!

At ease,

Offworld Out.
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